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Kayaking is one of the most fun-filled water sports activity. You will have much more enjoyment when the kayak boat you use is an advanced, feature-enriched product. You may find many such products, but the need is to beware of the marketing gimmicks.

The Wilderness Systems is an authentic name in the kayaking zone and has enthralled many kayak lovers with the best experience of their life. Their Tarpon 120 Kayak is one exceptional piece, which is proven by its versatile features, comfort and the value for money. When you are fishing using the kayak, then its stability, seat adjustment, and many other features would make things easier and enjoyable.

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  • This feature enriched product provides you with all of the following:

#2, Materials and structure

  • The kayak is made up of high quality, durable and well-structured materials and gives the best design to make sure the kayak will be kept balanced and well on the track without losing control over its movement.

#3, Phase 3 AirPro Unit:

  • The kayak is equipped with the Phase 3 AirPro seat with sit-on-top compartment facility to accommodate the user easy and perfectly. This is quintessential for having a customizable fit inside the unit. It means that people having different body structures could deploy it according to their needs with the well-structured form of the seat.

#4, SlideTrax:

The compartment is packed with the SlideTrax rail which is important for the easy placement or hanging of all your accessories that you would require during a long kayaking tour. If you are on a hardcore fishing outing in the waters, then you would find the rail accessory unit, quite useful for the placement of your fishing rod, bungee paddle holders and the

#5, XL foot brace systems:

Again, this is something that is to do with the body structure. People, with varying leg length, will feel much at ease with the Keepers XL foot brace system, which would help them to easily adjust the kayak according to the leg requirements.

#6, Paddle Park bungee:

Kayak tours can span hours so when you need a break then the paddle park bungee would allow you to relax by using the paddle holder, with no worry of slipping the paddle gear into the water.

Rudder-Ready Rudder-Ready is an exciting feature which takes your kayaking experience to a new level altogether. This feature allows you to gain excellent control over the kayak at times of high-speed motion or extremely windy conditions.


  • This is a very manageable unit with super easy portability in and out of the waters. With all such productive features described above, the specifications of the unit are 12’3” x 30”.
  • It is a highly stable equipment and has a long-lasting structure. People find it sturdy while using it in lakes, river, sea and, bays.
  • The customized features allow great convenience for easy sitting in the body of the kayak. This benefit is well realized when people go out for long hours of kayaking with no tiring feeling at all.
  • The dynamics of the boat is such that it cuts through the water just like a sharp knife. The speed of the kayak is awesome with not much of a human effort. You can balance and still keep it fast while roaming in the water.
  • Kayak comes with a sturdy structure that is capable of keeping the belongings and the kayaker safe and steady on the kayak while also giving a complete control over the kayak moves.
  • It tracks well in the water and makes sure you don’t have to struggle a lot to keep the kayak in the right way.


  • The rudder-ready is a high-in-demand feature in kayaks but for this equipment, the rudder-ready kit needs to be purchased separately and that adds significantly to the overall cost.
  • 350 pounds is the maximum advertised capacity but that practically seems overloaded, in terms of good handling of the kayak. The maximum load for good handling should not be more than 250 pounds.

Customers have given their prompt reviews to reflect the fact that the kayak is worth trying as your next kayaking resource. Due to its high-quality features and reliable features, you may not hesitate to make use of it for your kayaking adventures. Though it still has to be tried out more deeply to unleash its features and limitation in more detail.

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#7, Conclusion

No doubt, the Tarpon 120 kayak experience would be a superb one with all the exciting features mentioned above. But, do take care of the cons such as the maximum capacity limitations. Though other features like the scuppers and the paddle park accessory work best for convenient kayaking without worrying all the time to handle the paddles and the accessories as this kayak will be there to accommodate and keep things in place safely.

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