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Wilderness systems should be considered as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality Kayaks that offer the true form of adventure filled kayaking with their quality based kayaks having all the desired features and a balanced structure to let you enjoy as much as you want.

Though most of the products are offered with a surety of being perfect, you still have to make sure that you are buying what you were looking for and need to have an in-depth know-how of the kayak. So, here are a few points for you to look for and to know what you are paying for:

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  • Some of the important features that make the kayak a good fit for the kayakers are discussed below:

#2, Strong and sturdy

  • The kayak is made of high-quality polyethylene materials that ensure no breakage and damages while use and you can expect to get a long-lasting and safe kayaking with your wilderness systems tarpon 100 kayaks.

#3, Easy to sit seat

  • The Phase 3 AirPro, easy to sit seat is equipped with sit on top seating area that is well ventilated, aerated and stable with not wetting issues and keeps it well-drained throughout your kayaking. There is enough space to make sure you sit easy and comfortable and can hold up to all your tasks easily.

#4, Quick water disposal

The scuppers are ready to keep the kayak away from water flooding in. The scuppers here self-bail to make sure you will remain hassle free and away from water collecting in the kayak.

#6, Easy to fit foot braces

The quick and easy foot braces help to accommodate the feet and keep them comfortable for a wide range of body lengths the users might have to accommodate in the kayak. So that you don’t need to adjust it using various techniques.

#8, Easy and safe storage

The kayak allows enough storage for the belongings and will not keep you worried about keeping all things in place and safe. You may use the gear storage compartments and the built in a cup to make sure you don’t have to struggle with reaching the necessary things you need off and on. The Midship and Bow Orbix compartments are well organized to give a safe, dry and easy storage for your belongings so that you will enjoy the kayaking without getting into lots of worries and troubles.

​Along with such compartments, you also have the option to use the slideTrax accessory storage for side boards and rod. The deck storage tank with the bungee helps in accommodating lots of accessories in a safe manner.

#9, Size and the weight capacity

This 10-ft kayak is suitable for people having weight around 325 pounds but anyone that is around 250 or below 300 would be perfect to balance it out is easy.


  • The kayak tracks well and is stable if it is being used by a person who weighs within the described weight limit of the kayak. It would not let you get into trouble in any way and will help you track effortlessly throughout your kayak tour.
  • The accessory storage and compartments are well-designed to give you easy storage, safe accommodation and easy approach to reach the necessary things quickly and safely.
  • The design and the structure are made to match the kayaking needs so that it would not get imbalanced and will keep it on the top of the water safely.
  • The seats and the foot braces are comfortable and make sure the kayaker would feel easy and can enjoy more while on the go.


  • In some cases, people have experienced a little issue with the plastic holder as it may break quickly if got a bit of more pressure on it and that has been felt as the most visible con of this kayak so far.

With a 4.3 star average rating online, this kayak is believed to be one of fishing kayaks that a person may avail for a reliable and easy kayaking experience. This one comes with a well-designed body, sturdy and strong materials, well-designed storage areas and accessories that make the whole kayaking experience a fun.

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#10, Conclusion

Due to the fact, this Wilderness systems tarpon 100 kayak has some of the most desirable features that most of the kayakers need, we may not ignore the importance of having it for a fishing adventure. It is a balanced kayak that maintains the speed and balance through its balanced structure and valuable features and accessories.

The storage and the holders make the kayak a well-equipped best fishing kayak on the market to make sure you will experience the core of kayak fishing safely and in an exciting way. The kayak offers long-lasting performance and makes sure it would not cause any issues when you are on your way to you exciting adventure.

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