What is a Crankbait Rod

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Crankbait rods can be used for a variety of applications. You should use the most appropriate rod as per the type of fish that you wish to catch. There will be a great performance by using the right kind of crankbait rod.

The rod should have sufficient action so that you will catch fish very easily. However, the fish will go out of the crankbait rod if there is excess action. There is the difference between rod power and rod action. The rod power varies from extra heavy to ultralight. The rod action varies from slow to extra fast.

Crankbait fishing for bass is simplified with the help of crankbait rod. What is a crankbait rod? A crankbait rod is the most common bass lure. Crankbaits are available in various sizes and shapes. You can choose bait in a color of your choice. Even though there is a number of crankbait rods, you should be aware of the certain common things among crankbait rods.

The lip or bill on the front portion of the rod is designed to plane through the water. You can get down the lure to the bottom of the water. The depth of the lure will be based on the size of the bill. If the size of the bill is long and deep, the rod will dive deeply. The two treble hooks will land on the wood or the weed that the crankbait rod goes through. As the bill will go first and the head will be in the down condition, the hooks will be protected in a very efficient manner.

You should use crankbaits in the right situation so that you can use them very effectively. You should go through the tips and tricks shared by experts before going out to bass water.

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#2, How to Choose the Best Crankbait Rod?

To choose the best crankbait rod, you should be aware of its functionality. The crankbait rod that delivers best results for a person may not deliver similar results for another person.As you go through ‘how to use crankbait?’, you should be aware of the following factors:

  • Power
  • Action
  • Length

#3, Power

The power ratings of the rod are Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium Heavy, Medium, Medium Light, Light, and Ultra Light. You can understand the strength of the rod through the power rating. If you are catching big fish, you should go for the powerful rod.

The power rating has relation with the line test limits. The weight of the lure that you can use will influence the power. Thus, you should consider the power rating in choosing the best crankbait rod to fulfill your needs.

#4, Action

The action ratings of the rod are Slow, Moderate, Moderate Fast, Fast, and Extra Fast. The rod’s bending action at the beginning is very much important. Some rods deliver extra action at the end while there will be slow action in some rods.

If you hold a fishing rod with a fast action, you will not want to move the rod very quickly. However, you should be able to balance the rod in the most appropriate manner so that you can catch fish without any issues.

The greatest drawback associated with the fast action rod is that you might pull the lure very quickly from the mouth of the fish. On the other hand, if the staff is very stiff, the fish will through the lure and you will fail to catch the fish.

#5, Length of the Rod

What are the Benefits of Crankbait Rods

The length of the rod varies from 6 feet to 8 feet. You should choose the length of the rod as per your needs. The casting distance will be long when the length of the rod is high. You can use deep diving crankbaits so that you can insert the bait for a long period of time in the water.

On the other hand, the casting will be very accurate when you go for shorter rods. You should be aware of the fishing pole terminology to choose the best crankbait rod as per your needs.

#8, Tackle

If you have a good crankbait rod, there will be a good action to catch the fish. You can deceive the fish very easily and it can be trapped very quickly by using the right kind of crankbait rod. About halfway down the rod, it should bend in a very efficient manner so that you can make the most of your investment.

​The lure can be extended further with the help of slower rods. If you catch a big fish, the rod will not tear and it can be caught very efficiently. The bass should get enough time to each the bait so that it will be caught with the hook without any difficulty. As you read about ‘What is a crankbait rod?’, you will understand the meaning and advantage of the crankbait rod in catching bass in a very efficient way.

#9, Lure Weight and Line Strength

How to Choose the Best Crankbait Rod

The weight of the crankbait will be 2 ounces. There is the number of crankbaits in the market. In most the cases, the crankbait which can be used in freshwater can be used in saltwater as well.

The fishing rods should be made as per the type of lure used by the fishermen. Some kinds of rods such as Strike King crankbait rod can dive deep in water. Some rods can dive to the extent of 25 feet.

The crankbait rod should not have a fast taper. If there is steady narrowing down of the rod until the last 30% to 35%, it is considered as a fast-taper rod. As the structure is very light, the tip of the fast rod will be very sensitive. However, there will be stiffness as soon as the bend reaches stiffer section.

 You can set soft plastic baits on sensitive crankbait rods. If the taper is low, there will be soft action.

The treble hooks will not penetrate the mouth of fish when you go for crankbait fishing. You should also aware of the casting distance while choosing the crankbait rods.

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