Top 5 Best Gun Safes Under $600 in 2019

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Keeping the best Gun safes at home is a staple when you need to keep your ammunition, accessories, guns, Rifles or whatever you have as your hunting gadgets safe and sound. Though it is not necessary to have huge cabinet sized safes if you only have a single or two guns. When it comes to multiple items that need to be kept properly and with greater security gun safes come to work like the best at home necessity to keep such assets safely. While it becomes necessary to have a gun safe, some people may have trouble finding the best within their budget.

Let’s say you might have a budget of 600usd and you need the top gun safes under 600usd that may also suit your needs in a perfect manner. So, what you will do is, spend hours to research the brands and their products, compare prices, look for reviews and then shortlist a few options with a lot of confusions in your mind regarding which should be bought and which one should be ignored.

Our Top Choices

GunVault Handgun Security Safe
GunVault Handgun Security Safe
VAULTEK Biometric Hand Gun Safe
VAULTEK Biometric Hand Gun Safe

We have sorted this issue for your help and have listed the top 5 best gun safes under 600 that you can find online today:



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VAULTEK Biometric Hand Gun Safe

VAULTEK Biometric Hand Gun Safe

GunVault Handgun Security Safe

GunVault Handgun Security Safe

STEALTH Electronic Gun Safe

STEALTH Electronic Gun Safe

SentrySafe Digital Gun Safe

SentrySafe Digital Gun Safe

GunVault Standard Mini Gun Safe

GunVault Standard Mini Gun Safe

#1.VAULTEK Biometric Hand Gun Safe - Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

This is a handy equipment with some amazing features for keeping handgun safe and secure and free from theft hazards. It is sufficient to keep the handgun and its accessories safe. It comes with an anti-theft protection featuring 2 pt. anti-impact latches and security bracket installed in it.

#Best Gun Safe Under $500

Best Gun Safe Under $500

These features give great protection against any sort of break-ins.
Quality is eminent with its rugged 16 gauges heavy-duty carbon steel manufacturing. This is further protected with a highly robust powder-coat finishing, which plays a pivotal role in shielding this equipment from corrosion.

The gun safe is compliant to today’s smart technology needs as the safe can be integrated with the smartphones. It is totally easy to use and anyone with some prior experience or a beginner can make use of its features with no troubles. It uses the lithium-ion batteries that last longer and may be used for up to 4 months without causing any issues. These get fully charged within 2.5 hours when needed.

The automatic door allows easy and quick accessibility allowing your open and close the safe without complicated processes. The biometric scanner is there to make sure to get access. The LED light is also there inside the safe, which responses under low light conditions in order use your gun safe and then view your stuff inside using it.

 #2.GunVault Handgun Security Safe - Best nightstand gun safe

This is a sturdy, safe and compact handgun vault to keep hidden wherever you need. You can easily personalize it and can quickly access your handgun stored inside using its digital keypad. It is highly suitable for storing handguns and pistols and has the dimensions as 2.25” x 5.75” x 8.5”.

The construction of the gun safe is aptly done keeping the top security in mind. It is made from high quality 18 gauge steel materials for increased strength and durability. This protection to the handguns from inside is ensured through the employment of highly protective foam-line inside. The foam lining not only protects your gun but also prevents any chance of rattling. Overall, these features ensure the best safety and protection both from inside and outside.

#Best Gun Safe Under $1500

Best Gun Safe Under $1500

From the usability perspective, the lock mechanism plays a pivotal role, where its strengthened mechanism ensures reliability and secures your gun from any unauthorized access. Moreover, there is an option for the override keys as a backup. There are 2 of them, just to be sure that you get quick access to the gun-vault, in case your primary access means is not possible due to any reason.

Just as you open your handgun vault, the inner light automatically activates in low or no light conditions. You will need 1 x 9V battery to operate this unit. The biometric system installed in it is highly effective as it features the lowest rejection and false operation rate whereas it also promises to keep 20 fingerprints records.

 #3.STEALTH Electronic Gun Safe - Best Stealth Gun Safe Reviews

This is a spacious unit for handguns and can store 3 x small guns in the upright position, while 2 more handguns in flat position assuring better space in a compact safe box. This makes the total capacity of 5 guns. The dimensions of this unit from outside are 9” x 9” x 12” and weighs about 20 pounds. The equipment is certified by CA (California) DOJ.

#Best Gun Safe Under $2000

Best Gun Safe Under $2000

The construction is made sturdy by employing super strengthened locking latch and also has the anti-pry tabs to make sure the guns remain safe and sound inside. On top of that, the unit is made hazard proof by installing the high quality welded locking mechanism. Moving on, the unit is also supported by a security cable of high strength.

The inside is made very plush and safe by installing the foam lining of high density for shockproof safety. The inner protection is further endorsed by installing the scuff resistance rods. Your guns can be easily and quickly accessed by using the spring laden door of drop-down type. There is a useful red interior light installed inside as well, which is highly beneficial in low light situations.

 #4.SentrySafe Digital Gun Safe - Best Sentry Gun Safe Reviews

This gun safe is perfect for a pistol and promotes safety, security, convenience, style and elegance, all in one. This is one of the top selling gun safe product primarily because of its top-notch security and easy access provided through the digital code. The exterior dimensions of the gun safe are 3.2” x 12.1” x 9.9” and this makes it a suitable option for standard handguns.
This electronic unit provides quiet and quick access through the compression gas strut, which unclutters the door very silently and keeps it open in order to have a single-hand access inside. 

#Best Gun Safe Under $400

 #4.SentrySafe Digital Gun Safe - Best Sentry Gun Safe Reviews

It also has the heavy-duty steel construction that not only provides strength to the gun safe but also eliminates chances of any unauthorized access.

Users particularly love it for the backup override key option and also that it is CA (California) DOJ approved. The electronic gun safe operates with 4 x AA batteries, which ideally has to be the alkaline ones that you need to purchase separately. It is recommended by the manufacturer not to use the rechargeable batteries as they do not enhances long-term usage of the unit.

 #5.GunVault Standard Mini Gun Safe - Best handgun safe quick access

This is a quality safe box that comes with quick access to your handguns stored inside through the use of a user-friendly keypad. The equipment is the USA made with high-quality steel construction of 16 gauge. The structure is tamper proof and comes with spring laden door. The outer dimensions of the equipment are 13” x 8.5” x 5.” And weighs just about 9 pounds.

#Best Gun Safe Under $800

GunVault Standard Mini Gun Safe - Best handgun safe quick access

The access security is quietly brilliant, which is actually the unique selling point of this unit. There is a built-in computer that completely blocks access when repeated tries are made with invalid entries. There is a learn button feature and the users can employ it to make well over 12 million access code combinations for the new users to get used to it easily without any problems.

The inside is plush and as secure as the outside. For keeping the gun safe and noise-free the interior is protected with foam-lining that secures your handguns from any scratches. Users benefit from the inner LED lighting to work well in the low or no light conditions. There is also a beep for low battery warning so that you can timely charge it and would not find yourself in trouble due to low battery conditions. The unit uses 1 x 9V battery for its operations. The battery is good enough to last for a long time though it depends on the usage frequency.

# Things to consider when buying a gun safe under 600

Though a gun safe may seem like a safe box for your gun it has to comply with your needs in order to get the safety you and your gun needs. Here are a few points you must consider:

1: Make sure to keep in mind that you must be finding a gun safe particular to the type of gun you have. As the shape and sizes are different for each type of gun. So, you must look for the specific gun safe designed for handguns, pistols, rifles, etc.

2: You should be considering the capacity of the safe. It depends on how many guns and which type of multiple guns you need to keep in the safe. Make sure to choose according to the number of guns and their size for a better selection of the safe box.

3: Look for the theft security and safety features and make sure the safe is tamper proof. Biometric functions, digital looks, dual lock system, and security latches are the best to consider when comparing the safe boxes.

4: Led lights inside the safe box also help in convenient usage to help you safely use the guns in the dark.

5: Easy opening and closing doors and locking system assure quick and easier access to the gun. In addition to the safety features and anti-theft system, the gun safes should offer easier yet customized access to open and close the safe for quick and easy usage.

6: Sturdy and noise free gun safes are always a priority. The construction should be based on metals like steel, and the inner side of the box should also be sturdy yet equipped with soft and safe lining for scratch free and noise free storage.

#How to Choose a Gun Safe?

Concluding our reviews and features of the top 5 gun safes under 600, we can deduce that buying a gun safe means you have to make sure it is theft resistant and will offer easier usage for you but will be tough enough to resist tampering and other such hazards while keeping your assets safe inside it. Here we have tried our best to provide a detailed and sorted list of the best options available for a wide range of guns so that you may choose any of these, quick and easy.

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