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There is no better fishing reel than that which combines toughness with higher gear ratios to produce the best and smoothest possible baitcasting performance in the waters. This is an attribute of the Penn 114h. This spool is capable of offering the best possible speed and power to the serious anglers. These are two very important or rather bet of all words attributes much sought for by anglers. This Penn 114h review explains the features and specifications that make this product what it is.

Editor Rating:

  • The main gear features a marine grade bronze alloy that is characterized by high strength
  • Construction features only the highest quality components
  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • HT-100 drag washers for smooth dragging of the heavy loads
  • Stainless steel pinion gear that has been precision machined
  • The spool features a machined and anodized aluminum construction

The The Penn 114h Specifications

  • 30-80 pound line weight
  • 2.9:1 gear ratio
  • 50/450 line capacity


One great and important factor that will considerably boost your confidence as you use this product is the fact that all the parts have been tested for durability and quality. The testing has then been transferred to the final product, which has also been proven to produce quality performance results with long lasting durability being guaranteed.

​The Product

All its parts feature some of the best materials that can be used in the construction of a baitcasting reel. These include the pinion gear that features a stainless steel material. The stainless steel has undergone precision machining. This is then used to construct a durable pinion gear that produces precise catching accuracy.

The hardened aluminum spool construction plays an integral role in reducing the weight of this reel. The aluminum had been machined and anodized thereby increasing the durability performance of the product even further. It is kept safe from scratch and harsh salty environments thus making it good for use even under the worst of water abuses.

And when you get to the frame, you now get to understand the main reason why the reel is such a lightweight product. Featuring a graphite frame, you will use this reel throughout the day without feeling like you were carrying and dragging a reel from one spot to the other.

It also comes with two stainless steel ball bearings that have been shielded from harsh environmental conditions. This results in a durable smooth performance being produced.

And to make it easy to use, the reel features a heavy-duty clicker and a graphite rod clamp both of which complement the performance of the convertible power handle

The unique drag washers that have been added in the design are credited for giving the anglers an easy time when it comes to dragging the heavy loads into the boat.


The construction materials and processes discussed above are obvious indications that the product is durable. The reel has been designed for versatility and will easily and comfortably be used for bottom fishing, trolling as well as for casting large baits. With this Penn 114h, which is a wide framed model, you will need to stand at the rail of your boat as you hunt your tuna. The handling is smooth and comfortable, whereas the performance is incredible.

For a smooth and better consistency in dragging, the Penn 114h has been constructed with a multi-disc star drag system. This makes the dragging to be even more “lightweight,” an aspect that doesn’t betray the lightweight reel construction.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Reputation:

    I always want to be associated with what the gurus use and that is why I will want to be associated with the Penn 114h. This product is commonly used by professionals in all the corners of the world
  • Easy Use:

    The reel features some very easy to use as interesting features. These include the convertible power handle, a graphite rod clamp, and its heavy-duty clicker. These three, among other features, make it easy and fun to fish.
  • One Year Pen-Warranty:

    Having a warranty gives you the confidence that the product you are buying is a quality one. During that period when you are still getting acquainted with its performance, you won’t need to worry much about the “ifs.” Instead, you just get down to work and keep on working.
  • Performance:

    This is the main reason as to why you are looking for a reel to buy. You want something that is responsive and will make it easier for you to catch fish in any environment and surface. The Penn 144h does exactly that.


  • It’s a bit bulky, but since it is 4/0, this is something you expect it to have

Customers have been impressed by how great this reel is when it comes to trolling for fish, especially the bluefish. It also does an excellent job when it comes to bottom fishing, thanks to the fact that it has been packed with enough power that enables you to land almost any size of fish that can be fished using a boat.
Customers also commend it for being easy to use. In a nutshell, as per the Penn 114h reviews, the product performs well, features a good quality, is easy to and features a great style or rather a design, all of which are great features that give your real value for your money.

Customer Reviews

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The Penn 114h is a fishing reel that combines the commonly sought after legendary toughness of Penn and a higher gear ratio. This results in an unstoppable hybridized power and speed performance, a reason why all professionals have gone the Penn 114h way.
It has been built with quality and durable fishing performance in mind and it is user-friendly.
In general, the Penn 114h is the best baitcasting reel of many anglers who have been doing this thing for long. You can borrow a leave from them by buying such an incredible product.

Ease of Use
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