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​​​​Have you ever been at sea the whole night without the reward for your sleepless time? You must have been into the wonder world and probably asked yourself what has gone wrong with your fishing techniques and habits. You must have also admired the so-called large mouth bass that you see other fishermen harvest when they go out fishing.

They perform no magic. The only thing that you have to be aware of is the best time to fish for bass. Now another question just got into your mind. What is the best time for fishing? Just read along to find the best answers to all of these questions.

There are quite a few factors that you will have to observe to achieve your ultimate target. I will walk you through each factor in details. I broadly classify the factors into two and say that your success depends on the weather conditions and the fishing habit of the fisherman.

I will begin by looking at these weather conditions that describe the best time for bass fishing and will finally conclude with fishing habits and recommend the right baits and tools to use. So, read along because you won’t wish to miss out.

#2, Weather and natural factors that favor bass fishing

Weather windows

Let us put luck aside in fishing and focus on the reality, but if luck exists, then we will create it. The first item to bring on board is the barometric measurement. You should keep your eye on the barometer. When there is a fall in the reading then, get your tools ready and go fishing. Those conditions are known to turn on big bass.

Not any time of the day will guarantee your success. The fishing activity should commence in within the two-hour period following the rising or setting of the moon. You stand a higher chance of bringing something real back home.

Another best time to fish for bass is the positive phase of the moon spreading over to three days of the onset of the full or dark moon.

Season Peaks

As a fisherman, you need to be aware of your peak seasons and not just going fishing depending on luck. It will save you time that you would otherwise waste looking for what you don’t know its exact location.

About 90% of water body has no fish. Be wise. Continue with me to identify these peak seasons which are the best time to fish for bass.

#3. Pre-Spawn Periods

Giant bass is out just before the spawning period. The research indicates that the best time to fish for bass, especially females is that time of the season just before spawning. How do you know it is spawning period?

Thais period differs from region to region. However, I will provide the general guide to identify these times of the season. These peak seasons are known to occur in spring, especially after the end of cold weather when it just starts to get warm.

Spring warming occurs a bit faster in the southeast. During spawning, female basses go to shallow waters leaving them vulnerable to the fishermen. A big opportunity to have your share of a bass.

The post-spawning period is not the best time for you explore the waters. The female bass shall have gone into deep waters. At such a time, they are also hungry and if you wish to try your luck then go to the vegetative regions of the water. They are known to be after their prey which hides in such habitat.

#4. Summer peak

Summer peaks last for about two weeks. This warm period that follows the cold season that lasts several months creates a conducive environment. The underwater vegetation also booms and young fish, as well as emerging insects, are abundant in shallow waters.

That drives large bass to the shallow waters to look for food giving fishermen a better opportunity to hunt them.

#5. Fall peak

The fishermen calendar has three divisions namely; post summer, turnover, and cold water periods. The first and the last periods are the best time to fish for bass. There is a formation of thick beds of the contrail. Big bass concentrates on these thick cover in large numbers.

With that kind of setup, you only need the right equipment to make a historical bass catch. The casting of jigs will give you the catch to remember. Jigs are available on Amazon at an affordable price. Just click on this link in case you want to check it out.

With that kind of setup, you only need the right equipment to make a historical bass catch. The casting of jigs will give you the catch to remember. Jigs are available on Amazon at an affordable price. Just click on this link in case you want to check it out.

big bass catching window

The big bass catching window continues through to the early phase of cold water periods. The catch rate lowers as the water temperature decreases. You should avoid fishing when it gets too cold because you will be merely trying your luck. You may check on this site for a comprehensive fisherman calendar. 

#6, Fishing Habits That Favor Bass Catching

Knowing all about the best time to fish for bass is not all you need. You must combine it with some good practices.

Let us look at a few of the bass fishing tactics.Try out using buzz bait. Most bass pro use this kind of bait so why don’t you try it out yourself. It is readily available on big online stores such as Amazon or eBay.

Check on this Amazon link for more information about the price and alternative baits. Bear in mind that the size of your lure doesn’t determine the size of bass that you will carry home.

The best time is the morning hours and the period just before the darkness. Make it your habit to go fishing around that period when you are targeting the big bass. Let luck meet you but don’t look for it.

Always keep your eye on your line. The recommended practice is to observe your line just above the lure. Know exactly when something is on your bait and never get distracted with rocks, gravel, branches, and stumps which can fray your line.

The last thing you won’t wish to experience is your line breaking when you have what you have been waiting for all day long.

Just ensure you use something strong and secure your catch.You might just consider watching this YouTube video tutorial about the best times to go fishing for bass. It is a thirty minutes video about the tips of bass fishing.

Video: Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!

Video Credit: InformativeFisherman


So far so good you have gone through all the literature. I believe up to this point as the questions that were on your mind at the beginning are well answered. You are well conversant with the time to fish for bass, peak seasons and the tools you need get the best out of your time at sea. You now know the best time to fish for bass and the techniques that you require to fish like a professional.

Be faithful to about all that which you have learned. The only tool included that you need to get is the buzz bait, just in case you didn’t have it before. It is available on Amazon as mentioned and all other factors discussed are more of natural factors. You free comment with any question if anything was not clear. Best of luck!

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