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For the Kayaking zest, you need to have a balanced, well-structured and adaptive fishing Kayak that would serve you as a water horse all along your way to the most crucial fishing spots you want to reach before your friends could get there. Sun Dolphin rewards the kayaking lover with this great Journey 10 SS kayak that enables the kayaker to enjoy kayak fishing in a safe yet thrilling way.

For the best, this one comes with the most acceptable structure and a reasonable weight that is not a problem to carry along your way to your kayaking spot.

So let’s explore what you should know about this dear kayak and make sure you understand why it would be a great idea for you to have it:

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Due to its specialized structure, this fishing kayak never needs any assistance while cruising through the lakes and rivers and will get you to the most challenging spots when no one could think about going for fishing there. It can balance a person having an average weight and would be flowing smoothly, regardless of the water speed and the condition until and unless you lose control over it.

#2, Feasible to Carry

Due to its lightweight structure, you can surely take it along and reach out your destinations without any issues regarding its weight. Though its low weight doesn’t compromise its durability and balancing capacity.

#3, Easy and Stable Tracking Paddles

The kayak is capable of tracking in a stable manner while the paddles are held easy and safely that allows maximum stability and balance while moving in water.

#4, Materials

The overall body of this Sun Dolphin Kayak is made of high-quality rugged UV stable Fortiflex polyethylene that makes sure it will last longer and will keep its form and structure for a long time.

#5, Structure and Accessories

The kayak comes with a portable accessory carrier which is easy to use and can also be considered as extra storage compartment when needed. Additionally, the dual flush mounts and a swivel rod holder for the ​fishing rod accessorize the kayak in a way that helps you manage the accessories easily. The seating area is spacious and allows comfortable seating, whereas the foot braces offer adjustable bracing for easy use.

#6, Weight Capacity

The overall weight capacity is around 250 pounds and you can expect to get a balanced ride if you are around or below this weight limit or else it may not be able to balance you in fast or unstable conditions.

#7, Benefits and Downsides

To have a kayak like this Sun Dolphin Journey 10 ss definitely brings lots of benefits and that should be clear enough for those who need to have it. Here are some prominent benefits you must know:


  • It provides a balanced and safe ride if used by the person who has the weight within the weight capacity.
  • The kayak comes with accessory holder and provides an easy handling of the fishing rod and the paddles so that the kayaker feel easy while fishing without any issues.
  • It is made of high-quality Polyethylene materials that are UC stabilized so that it would not get weakened with time and will affirm to all of the quality standards in the long run.
  • The storage compartment is spacious and gives enough space for carrying the goods that you need for fishing.
  • The seating area has a comfortable padding to support thigh region and the foot braces are also adjustable so you need not worry about accommodating yourself in a comfortable way.
  • It can row to the spots where you may not be able to reach out otherwise, for fishing.


Some cons to follow up:

  • It is not worthy of people having to weight more than 250 pounds and height around or more than 6 feet.
  • It may cause splashing the water inside the kayak when you stop paddling and may get into trouble while tracking in sea water.
  • The scupper may not hinder the water coming in and you have to manage that if you are in the naughty stream of water.

Customers have given a mixed set of reviews including the highs and lows of using it. Though, highs are stronger than lows so you may see that the

Sun Dolphin Journey 10
has been rated by a 4-star product out of 5 stars.

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#8, Conclusion

As the fishing kayak, this Sun Dolphin Journey 10 ss is a fabulous choice for those who have an average weighing body and an average height as well. It balances out well and tracks well in the varied condition of the water. Considering its capacity, storage and accessory compartments and easy seating we should consider that if you choose it according to your own needs and make sure to match the weight capacity, you can surely enjoy kayaking and fishing in this Kayak.

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