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Sun dolphin excursion 10 ss is an example of well balanced and equipped fishing kayaks that never disappoints the user in any way. To help the kayaker experience the best while fishing in this kayak, it comes with a spacious seating for the kayaker to help stabilize the kayak efficiently while roaming through the stream of water in a balanced way. 

It is one of the most beloved kayaks that has the features you may need to live your kayaking dreams while fishing. To supplement the existence of the kayak there are many features that would convince you to accept the importance and usefulness of this Sun Dolphin Kayak.

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#1, Materials and Body Form

The overall structure and the materials used in making this kayak are excellent and provide a durable body to make sure that you need not worry about frequent damages and will keep you safe in bumpy waters as well. The kayak is made to resist water splashes and will keep you away from getting soaked by frequent water coming into the cockpit. So, you can trust it anyway while rowing through naughty waves.

#2, Accessory Holders

Along with a well-balanced design and structured body the kayak comes with properly placed rod holders and accessory holding mounts that support easy and secure handling of all the accessories so that you have no need to worry about taking care of your paddles, rods and all such accessories.

There are two-rod holders, a solitary swivel rod holder, paddle holder and carrying handles to make sure you can carry your kayak easily and can home the accessories safely within the kayak.

#3, Extra Storage and Capacity

The kayak comes with sufficient capacity to make sure you can place the necessary equipment and storage box without water issues. The portable accessory carrier is an excellent advantage to be used as an extra storage box for your convenience. Additionally, you also have storage compartments to keep your goods in place safely.

#4, Seating

The cockpit area is well designed and offer enough space to keep the kayaker in place comfortably with padded seat and thigh pads and adjustable foot braces to keep you comfortable and relaxed while keeping the kayak stable and balanced without any wiggling and tipping issues.

#5, Capacity

The capacity of the kayak ensures to balance around 280 pounds or below. So it is better to stay within this limit so that your kayak would not experience any kind of miss balancing issues.

#6, Electronic Console for Connectivity

You may also avail electronic console and connectivity as per your requirements.

#7, Warranty

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to make sure you get the best experience of all.


  • It is highly durable and offers well-balanced structure to keep the kayaker safe from getting wet all the time.
  • It tracks easily and well into the water streams so that you can fish where you want to.
  • The kayak comes with enough sitting space to keep the user easy and comfortable and in a balanced way.
  • The electronic console makes sure you will be able to use the advanced features while using your kayak.
  • With enough storage and compartments, accessories and the usable object can be held safely while rowing your kayak.
  • The rod holders and paddle holders are perfect to keep the kayak accessories safe while you enjoy your fishing venture.


  • Though the kayak is well-designed, it still has issues when the user crosses the weight limit. But some users say that the kayak might not be able to support a user weight more than 220-230 pounds. So in case you need safe kayaking, make sure you would not exceed the weight limit.

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Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 feet kayak
for their fishing adventures. They have shared their rating and have rated it as a 4-star kayak out of the total of 5-star rating that shows it reliable construction and easy usage for most of the kayakers.

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#8, Conclusion

Concluding our Sun Dolphin excursion 10 ft SS review, we are able to say that it would be one of the best kayaks is you need a balanced, well-structured kayak for the sake of a starter level kayaking experience or you may also use it for experienced kayakers. With sufficient storage and comfortable sitting capacity, its may serve at its best when used by a person weighing within the weight capacity or below the maximum weight capacity as described by the manufacturer.

In addition to that, the manufacturer also back this kayak with a limited yet life time warranty so you don’t have to worry about its efficiency and performance which may last a lifetime. To find fishing kayak you may explore more and compare your needs to get the best.

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