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Kayaking covers lots of possibilities and so is the kayaks that are being used for fishing purposes. There are no limits since you can choose the color and the size as per your preferences. This Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 foot kayak is one such example that comes with all the benefits a kayak fisher would want to enjoy.

Due to the fact, the Sun Dolphin offers stable, well-tracking kayaks for the newbies as well as for experts who love go fast and furious all over the water stream, this one has some unique features that you should not miss to know about. Here are some of the features for you to ponder upon:

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#1, Construction and Design

This kayak is made to counter the basic issues that initially come in the way of kayakers and fishermen who are using kayaks for going to the desired places in water. It has been designed to give you the maximum space inside and extreme balance outside while tracking through the water. To make sure it suits your taste, there are 6 different colors from which you can choose your favorite one.

#2, Stability and Safety

The kayak proves to be very stable even in fast streams and it maintains its move with easy paddling and tracking throughout your way to your destination. Due to the stability and reliable tracking, this one offers a safe kayaking experience for the newbies as well.

#3, Materials Used

The kayak is made of polyethylene and provides a strong and sturdy structure that would not be heavy but still is stronger enough to keep you floating without getting damaged.

#4, Portable Carrier

The portable accessory carrier comes with customizable features and uses. It can be used as an extra storage box for your accessories that you may carry along as a backpack or a tow behind a box for your convenience.

#5, Deck Design

The deck of the kayak includes the dry storage box to keep your belonging safe from getting wet due to water splashes. It also has shock cord rigging for better safety and performance.

#6, Easy to Use

Due to the open and spacious cockpit entry, the user may not need to struggle while sitting on it and keeps the kayaker easy and safe in the kayak.

#7, Comfortable Usage and Seat

The set and the accessories available on the kayak ensures easy sitting area with enough padding on the thigh area so that the user may not feel fatigued and exhausted. Whereas the paddles mounts and adjustable foot braces allow easy handling of the kayak while fishing.

#8, Weight Capacity and Size

It is 10 foot in size and has the overall weight capacity is 250 pounds, but it is better to stay below it.


  • Easy to use:

    It is very easy to use and needs no specialized handling as the user can sit on it easily, stay comfortable on the seat and the accessories can be accommodated easily for a tension-free kayaking and fishing adventure.
  • Tracks well and stay stable:

    Due to the well-adjusted design and size, the kayak tracks well and stays easy and stable on the calm water and shallow lakes.
  • Sturdy and strong:

    The overall construction is of polyethylene and gives a sturdy and strong structure so that you don’t have to manage damages.
  • Spacious from inside and stronger from outside:

    It is spacious enough to accommodate the kayaker and keeps the kayak stable and strong while the user is on the kayak fishing adventure.


Some cons to follow up some issues you might face while using this kayak:

  • It is not good for taller or heavier people and will only be a good choice for people having a weight lower than the 250 pounds or so.
  • There are no scuppers to drain the water splashing in and may cause to wet your legs.
  • The storage space is not enough and you might have to manage things carefully.
  • It tracks well in calm water but not in deep or aggressive water streams.

Video: Testing Out The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS

Video Credit: Amexxis

#9, Conclusion

All in all, this 10-foot kayak would work best for the newbies as well as for experts who need to go for fishing in shallow waters. It offers a reasonable number of features that may support your kayak fishing passion in a positive manner. Though it I cannot be used for people taller than 6 feet as it may not be able to balance out the weight, still, it has many features to attract most of the kayakers having a weight lower than 250 lbs, to try out for slow water fishing.

You should be considering the features you need to find fishing kayak for your use. Make sure to keep in mind that your body weight matters a lot, if you have a heavy weighing body, you should opt for a bigger sized kayak.

Ease of Use
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