Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak Review

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The Aruba 10 kayak has been designed as a small and rigid bodied recreational boat that has extreme tracking capabilities. As long as you are in a lazy river, the kayak will produce some of the best paddling, tracking and overall performances for almost anyone.

sun dolphin aruba 10 kayak review

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  • Thigh pads and adjustable footrest
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Comfortable carrying handles
  • Convenient gear storage and water bottle holder
  • Rugged Fortiflex High-Density Ultra Violent- stabilized Polyethylene
  • Large open cockpit featuring an adjustable comfortable padded seat

#2, Product Specification

  • V-Bottom hull shape
  • Sit inside cockpit type
  • The Rigid/hard shell structure

​#3, Construction

This is a popular hard shell kayak that measures 10 feet in length and is a sit-in type. It weighs just 40 pounds thus has been loved by women among other classes of people who don’t like the hassles of loading heavy loads. And its price range, which rates between low to medium range makes it a great choice for the beginners.

The model comes with towing handles on the stern as well as in the bow. Compounded with its lightweight, one average person can comfortably handle the loading, launching and unloading of the kayak without much effort.

The construction is a brilliant design, with high-density polyethylene material for durability. This has been used to make a product that is easy to track and maneuverable, two rare combinations found in the small-sized lightweight kayaks.

It comes with a 250-pound weight capacity, which is handsome enough to allow the user space to load as much reasonable fishing gear as may be needed per fishing expedition. Gear carriage has been optimized by the side well covered dry storage compartments.

Boarding and unloading is a breeze, thanks to the large open cockpit space. In the shipped package is a paddle leash for maximum performance in the waters.

The seat is adjustable and comes with thigh pads to make sure that the angler stays comfortable for considerable longer excursions

It features a water bottle storage compartment that can easily be accessed even when seated in the cockpit and you are paddling.

#4, Variations

There are four safety colors available for you to choose from. These are ocean blue, Lime green, neon orange as well as the bright pink. You are almost certain that out of these four colors, you will either get your preference or a manageable compromise.

All in all, the kayak pesca product features a design that has been constructed to last for several years if it is to be subjected to normal use.

#5, Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Durability:

    Its construction comes from a high-density polyethylene material that is credited for durability and dependability. The kayak survives underwater obstacles not to mention the occasional rocks that may dent the shell but hardly breach it. Its two-year warranty is evidence that it has been designed for durability
  • Easy Transportation:

    At just 40 pounds, it is one of the lightest among the best fishing kayaks. This makes it easy to transport as it can be loaded and unloaded to/from tracks even by women. In the Aruba 10 is a kayak that can easily be taken down to the waters and back to the truck.
  • Comfort:

    This is a very important attribute to consider. The kayak comes with three comfort maximization features namely: the high back support capabilities, the adjustable foot brace system and the inbuilt spray deflecting collar that keeps the angler much dryer.
  • Stability & Tracking:

    These are two vital features of any watercraft. The Aruba 10 kayak comes with a narrow bow & stern that is essential for keeping it on track. Unlike many blunt designs that push the water, this one slices through. At 30 inches wide that’s compounded with its flat bottom, the product remains stable while the 40-pound lightweight feature adds it’s tracking ability.


  • Due to lack of seat padding, the kayak isn’t the best for extended yakking.
  • Just a basic boat hence can only handle flat waters and can’t do well in waves higher than a foot.

A yakking novice posted a review of this product stating that the kayak was the best for her small size, thus a perfect choice she had made. Being able to load the kayak onto the top of her small trucks followed by easy unloading made her even happier. To sum it up all, Aruba feels so stable and solid to her, something that has boosted her confidence and reduced her fears of tipping over into the waters.

Someone else contended with the Aruba 10 by stating that it is a perfect choice for the lakes, rivers, streams and even ponds. Though he gives it a five-star rating, he advises that the kayak won’t be the best for whitewater trips. The user indicates that he uses his kayak for fishing and gives it thumb high for the dry fishing gear storage compartments and the easy and cheap customizability of the boat.

​Only a handful of reviewers were critical about the kayak. Some indicate that the Aruba 10 isn’t that suited for rocky and rough creek bottoms among other sites. With too much bottom abuse, there is a potential of the boat cracking.

​Overall, most users agree that the kayak is not just a good fishing accessory but a great recreational yak for use in mellow rivers, calm streams as well as cruising in calm rivers. The easy-to-transport and lightweight feature appeals so much to the weekend kayakers.

Customer Reviews
#6, In Review

It is not surprising that frequently, the kayak outriggers make an appearance on the Bestsellers or Top Rated lists on Amazon among other top listings. In additional to the personal technical evaluation of the boat, customers have been able to prove that the speed, maneuverability, quality, price and, durability of the product are all great and reasonable. In a nutshell, it is one of the very fishing kayaks on the market.

#7, Conclusion

Choosing the fishing kayak isn’t a tall order if you know what you are looking for. The most important thing is for you to know the features of what you want, what you want it for and who you can buy it from. Also, remember to verify with user reviews if the product you have chosen works as advertized. With these in mind, you are set to hit the road.

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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak Review
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