Slick Trick Broadhead Reviews/Mag Blades 1-1/8″

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Slick Trick broadhead is one of the most reliable archery heads you could find on the market. As a fact if you are looking to get your prey you need accuracy, the right level of kinetic energy in your arrow, the right cutting edge on the front so that it cuts through the gut of the prey.

Though not all hunter use the same kind of archery equipment because they have different targets to hunt down. For those who are looking to use broadhead arrowheads that would cut through the gut of the prey, Slick trick broadhead reviews reveal their potential and you will be confident enough to put a tag on your prey without any doubt.

Slick Trick broadhead has some of the best possible potential features that would help hunters cut down their prey in no time.

#1, Important Features

Some of the important features you must be familiar with slick trick broadhead Mag blades are:

#2, The Materials

The blade is made up of high-quality German-made stainless steel that resists the corrosive elements and provides a sleek and sharp blade to get across the hide of your prey quickly. The lutz blades offer .034ss and come with a weight and thickness of about 100/125 grain to assure better throw and penetration.

Slick Trick Broadhead reviews/Mag Blades 1-1/8"

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#3, The Locking Setup

The blades offer highly reliable locking system to assure you will not miss out the target at any cost and the archery will give you the best shot and perfect hit you could bet on.

#4, Adjustments to the Ferrule

The blades are designed with the perfect fitting on the ferrule using the interlocking design which is easy to fix and gives sturdier head when launched.

#5, Sharpness

The surgical grade high-end sharpness of the blade assures touch and cut performance that will not let you prey escape the arrow at any cost.

The straightness and strength are never compromised with the broadhead slick trick arrowheads as they have been designed to give extraordinary balance to keep the arrow straight to the target and cut through the body with a maximum kinetic push.

#7, Benefits of Buying Slick Trick Broadheads

Buying arrowhead replacement blades is one of the best things you can do if you want to have your arrow perform the way you always need. Though, you have to make sure that the arrowhead fits the arrow ferrule so that you don’t have to face any mishaps.

  • The slick trick replacement broadhead arrowheads are made with high tech design that makes it easier to adjust on the ferrule and keep it interlocked that offer sturdy performance as you target it to your prey.
  • The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel material making it strong, razor sharp edges and deep penetrating so that your prey will not escape.
  • The blades are designed to keep the kinetic push and allow the arrow to travel on the line as per your target that makes it perfect for the hunters who don’t want to miss out their target.
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    The broadhead design offers deeper, broader faster cut through the hide of the prey.

#8, How Does Slick Trick Broadhead Work?

This is the 4 pack replacement blade from Slick Trick two pointed blade design per line and the two interlock each other to form an X-Shape through interlocking on the ferrule. The unique. Firm and sturdy interlocking assure that the arrow will keep the head steady in front without getting loosened and will reach to the target and penetrate to its maximum depth.
These are replacement blades and you have to have the arrowhead and ferrule for replacing your blades and should not mix up with the whole arrows or arrowheads with the ferrule as well.
These work fine with a wide range of arrow sizes so you may find it better than others as having no unnecessary limits on its use with various arrow sizes.

#9, Things to Look for Before Choosing the Slick Trick Broadhead

You must know the following things before you choose the slick trick broadhead arrowhead for your next hunting venture:

  • The first thing you should know about is the kind of prey you are going to hint down as you will need to look for appropriate size, width, and thickness of the blades.
  • The ferrule length and size as per your arrowhead to see if the blade size fits the arrow perfectly.
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    You should know the weight and size of the arrow you will be using so that you can fit in the correct type of blades on it.
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    The possible distance that will be covered by the arrow. For broadheads, the hunter can hunt down prey easily with maximum speed and with short to medium distance and some may also offer long-distance shot with precision.

As far as the performance, design and usability of the Slick Trick broadheads have been observed, it far better and reliable than any other arrowhead that comes with broad blades. They are studier, sharper and have higher penetrating power. Most of the slick trick broadhead reviews reflect their performance as the reliable replacement heads for the hunters.

Video: Broadhead Test & Review: Slick Trick ViperTrick, GrizzTrick 2

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Slick Trick Broadhead Reviews/Mag Blades 1-1/8″
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