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If you are looking for a powerful reel that can withstand the harshest conditions, the Shimano Calcutta 400 may outperform other reels. It is built with heavy-duty materials that can certainly last a very long time. You can be sure it won’t break down on you while you’re in the middle of reeling in your big catch.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown on the pros and cons of the Shimano Calcutta 400 review. At the same time, we’ll list down and discuss the advantages of using a baitcasting reel. This may help convince you why you should choose a baitcaster over a spincast or a spinning reel.

Shimano Calcutta 400 Review

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​Benefits of Using a Baitcaster

A baitcaster or also referred to as a baitcasting reel is designed for the experienced angler. It is often used by most freshwater and saltwater-game fish anglers and is the first choice of reel for most professionals.

Before you start using this reel, make sure you’ve had enough time to practice this. Using a baitcaster requires certain skills.

As you’re casting, the spool rotates. This means you should be able to firmly move the spool with just the right amount of movement. This type of reel offers you better control and precision.

Here are some of the advantages of using a baitcaster:

  • Accuracy:

    The best thing about using a baitcast reel is you can accurately lure your target wherever you want it to go. In case you hit a snag, you can easily recover it. Practicing your casting technique allows you to have more accuracy on your casting.
  • Can accommodate a heavy line:

    When you’re fishing for bigger fish, you’ll often require a heavy line, especially when you’re trying to catch certain freshwater species. A baitcaster is capable of handling heavier lines compared to other equipment. Winding the baitcast reel allows the spool and frame to carry the load of the line instead of the bail wire.
  • No line twist:

    When you’re using a spinning wheel, the line can sometimes get twisted. This can affect the performance of your casting. However, if you’re using a baitcaster, you won’t have to worry about twisting your line. The lines spools directly on the reel.
  • Good leverage:

    A baitcasting rod and reel provides you with a good leverage, especially when you are dealing with a resistant catch. Using a low profile design reel can be quite comfortable in your hands.
  • Anti-backlash system:

    There are new baitcast reel designs that are equipped with anti-backlash features. You can adjust, engage or disengage it.

The Shimano Calcutta 400 Review

Shimano Calcutta 400 Review

Shimano’s Calcutta collection has been a driving force in the market for more than a decade. This is perhaps the reason why this is a popular choice for most anglers. The Shimano Calcutta 400 is built with the standard baitcaster handle.

This 2-ball bearing wheel casts very smoothly. Due to the close location of the rod and reel, it makes it easier for you to thumb the spool.

The Shimano Calcutta 400 is a solid fishing reel that may be a good choice for anglers who want to get the job done.


  • This reel provides a smooth casting without making too much noise.
  • The price may be a bit higher compared to other Shimano reels. However, it is worth your money and you won’t have to sacrifice the quality because the Shimano Calcutta has already made a name for itself.
  • This model is light and durable.
  • It casts a long way which is farther than the lower quality reels.
  • This tool is designed with a large handle for an easier grip.


  • In some cases, you may experience a few backslashes. In my own experience, I’ve had minimal backlashes. Here’s a quick tip for those who are not familiar how to use a round baitcast reel. Make sure you tighten your spool tension knob and use your thumb as a break.
  • Casting may be a bit tricky at first but once you get used to it, you won’t have any problems later on. All you need is practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you use this in saltwater?

A: Yes, I use this constantly to catch trout fish and it works great.


If you find joy in casting and luring, the Shimano Calcutta 400 may be the most suitable choice. Just make sure you keep on practicing until you master the technique. No matter what your fishing style is, once you get the hang of it, you’ll certainly appreciate a baitcaster.

The reputation of the Shimano Calcutta series proves the success of this collection. Having said, the Calcutta 400 may be one of the most effective baitcaster reels available in the market.

If you want to learn more about the difference between a spinning real versus a baitcasting reel.

Learn more in the following video:

Shimano Calcutta 400 Review
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