Seven Exciting Water Sports You Haven’t Tried

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There are a lot of water sports that people love to play and especially when they are on vacations. There are countless activities one can do in water; some are basic while some are fit for adventurers and people who love to play exciting games. Here are some exciting water sports that you should try if you have not yet.

Seven Exciting Water Sports You Haven’t Tried

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Paddleboarding or paddle surfing has been done by people for a very long time. Its origins go back to Polynesia and Hawaii. In paddle boarding, you stand on a longboard and then propel yourself across the water surface with the help of a paddle. It might sound easy, but it demands some serious muscle strength and is a great workout. You can do stand-up paddle boarding without any waves, unlike surfing. You can enjoy it at the beach, on a lake or on a river, there are no restrictions. Click here to know more about it.

#2. Banana Boat Riding

Ever done Banana Boat Riding? Because if you have not, then you are missing out on a lot. A banana boat is an inflatable boat that is shaped like a banana, hence the name and is towed by a jet ski or some other small watercraft. Three to ten riders can sit on the boat normally, but it depends on the model. Riders have to wear life vests because the entire activity is about the participants overturning the banana boat. The riders have to hold on to the boat for the entire duration of the ride. This sport is not safe for children below four years, and they are not allowed to participate.

#3. Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a whole another sport that is getting popular. Kayaks are faster, lighter, comfortable (if you buy the right one) and more agile than canoes. There are special models that are designed for anglers. Fishing kayaks are basically normal kayaks, but they have some extra features in them.

They have sit-on-top style, and there is space for accessories like fish finders, bait compartments, and rod holders. The kayak is a safe, economical means to go fish out some fish. Kayaks are also eco-friendly and quiet and are fun to sit around in. You can ask tour operators about lessons, guidance, and trips if you want to go kayak fishing. Get the amazing sea kayak and go on fishing!

#4. Wakesurfing

Wakeboards are short and rigid surfboards that have foot-straps around the deck. A speedboard tows the wakeboarders behind it, just like a waterskier, but much closer to the boat. The wakeboarder is able to ride and play around the small waves that are created by the boat.

In wakeskating or wakesurfing, you will be towed by the boat with your feet on a piece of gear which is called a wakeskate. It is similar to surfing, but there are thinner boards, and the speed is less. A wakeskate is made of wood or fiberglass, and it has no bindings, like a skateboard. You have to wear water-draining wakeskating shoes. Waterskiing can be done with any boat or winch, and once you get a sense of balance, you are ready to learn tricks such as flipping and spinning the waterskate on water.

#5. Kitesurfing

Think you can fly kites only on the ground? Well, say hello to kitesurfing because kites are not for windy days and parks anymore. It is also known as kiteboarding, and the sport is becoming popular in Canada and all around the world. You stand on a small board and a large kite is attached to you looks more like a mini parachute. The kite catches the wind and will start moving across the water, along with the direction of the winds.

The rider will hold on the kite which they will have to control in order to navigate the waters. You can go kitesurfing with or without waves because the wind will be pulling you around. With some practice, you can learn many tricks that you can do while enjoying shooting across the waters. Sometimes the kite surfers glide through the air and perform different tricks.

 Kiteboarding is a water sport that is a mix of wakeboarding, paragliding, snowboarding, and windsurfing and results in an extreme sport, so you have to be very careful. You cannot go kiteboarding with some lessons or guidance first. Although the sport is quite tricky, once a rider knows how it is done and how to use the wind to his or her advantage, s/he will find this sport addicting.

#6. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is among the best water activities to do when you are an explorer. In snorkeling, a person wears a diving mask, a breathing tube, and swim fins. You can also wear a wetsuit In cooler waters.

You get to wear a snorkel, the tube that will help you breathe under the water, and swim below the water surface. You can explore the marine life without having to use the scuba gear.

 Another best thing about snorkeling is that people of all ages can participate in it and it is not very hard to master. You can see all the corals, plants, fish and marine life inside the water. The experience is beautiful, and you will want to go do it again and again.

#7.Whitewater Rafting

This sport is more suitable for people who are experts so the beginners should always ride along with them. Whitewater rafting is as fun as it is adventures. In Rafting, you navigate the rivers or any other body of water while sitting in an inflatable raft and it feels amazing when you experience it.

In white-water rafting, the participants paddle a raft through whitewater or some river's rapids. In Whitewater rafting you have to deal with all the risks while you will also need to progress as a team.
No matter which water sports you are playing, it is best to stay safe. So always get quality gear and do not forget to wear a life jacket or a PFD.

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