Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review

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Kayaking become even more exciting when you have a chance to ride with your partner in one kayak that takes both of you the fishing adventure. This Sea Eagle SE370 inflatable Kayak is one of the most reliable 2 person kayaks that you can find on the market. Though you need to know more about it to make sure it works perfectly for your kayak fishing needs.

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  • This is a 2 person kayak having an inflatable formation that is based on a reliable material ensuring high-pressure resistance and reliable performance. The overall structure of the kayak is made to fit and carry two persons easily with rugged materials using polykrylar having 33 mm thickness is well enough to support the pressure and it can also keep up with the claws of your pets if you want to carry them along.
  • There is a one beam construction for extra rigidity and also come with handles and accessory carriers, skegs and also compartments for carrying accessories. Three chambers including starboard, port, and floor for better handling.

#2, Weight capacity

  • The weight capacity is around 500-650 pounds. Though staying within 500 pounds would do best and will be helpful in balancing out pressure. It is also stated that you can easily carry your pet along with you while kayaking in the Sea Eagle SE370 as it has sturdy materials that make sure it would not get damaged due to the claws or may not get pricked by the nail of your pet.

#3, Quality and guaranteed performance

It is NMMA certified and ensures a well-balanced kayaking a safe journey while you are on it.

#4, Easy to manage and carry wherever you go

Though the kayak is able to carry 2-3 people on it, it can be carried by a single person as you can fold it and carry it in a storage bag easily. It has handles to help you carry the kayak wherever you need to take it.

#5, Features you may love

There are inflatable spray skirts, three one way valves and 2 skegs at the bottom to make sure you can keep the water away while tracking the kayak in a controlled manner through the skegs. The self-bailing drainage valve also helps in keeping your kayak balanced and free of water splashing in.

#6, Sturdy construction

The kayak comes welded perfectly using a high-frequency welding line to make sure it is leak proof and keeps the kayak in its best condition.

#7, Inflation and maintenance

The kayak comes with a foot pump and repair kit to make sure you can inflate it easily and repair as well. Oar set is also there along with a carry bag. It takes only 8 minutes to be inflated and ready to use.


There are many benefits of having this kayak, some are as below:

  • It is a sturdy and strong kayak that offers high-end construction for better stability and better tracking in the water.
  • It can be used by two people or you can carry your pet along with your kayaking adventure so you can enjoy more and have fun with others instead of kayaking along.
  • The kayak comes with all the necessities like accessory compartment and holders, oars, repair kit and pump, you get all that you need in one go.
  • It can be carried anywhere due to the fact the kayak can be packed into a bag and doesn’t weigh too much. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying it while you drive or walk to your destination.
  • The spray skirts and drainage valves help in keeping your kayak flood free and safe while tracking through naughty waves.


  • It is not too lightweight rather has some weight to be carried by a tough person.
  • It may have some mildew problems if not packed after drying it out.

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#8, Conclusion

Our above review regarding the Sea eagle SE 370 inflatable kayak covered the features, benefits and all the facts about the kayak. We can surely conclude that when it comes to finding an easy and heavy duty kayak that you can use to carry you safely and assist in fishing, you can surely trust your Sea Eagle kayak SE370. You can surely trust its durability and make sure you use it while keeping in mind the weight capacity which should ideally be around 500 pounds and not more than that.

As a whole, it is good as a fishing kayak and can be considered as fishing kayak if you are planning to go for kayaking with your partner and pet to enjoy your vacation adventures. You will not have to worry about carrying it, repairing or anything like that for sure.

Ease of Use
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