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The inflatable kayaks are quickly getting into fashion, mainly because of its super convenience and ability to take you on any adventure. You can trust such equipment to give you performance much like a standard kayak system with not much compromise over features, and the price is far more affordable.

Sea Eagle manufacturer of inflatable kayaks came up with an excellent 330 inflatable kayak model. It is good for its productive features, capacity and above all convenience. People using this equipment have a lot of good things to say and slight issues reported as well. We will cover-up all this in the sections to come.

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#1, Features

  • The following features make Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak Review, what it actually is:
  • It is an inflatable boat with an ability to accommodate 2 persons. The much better part is that the total weight of the unit is just 26 pounds but it can accommodate 500 pounds of load. So, you can trust this on long kayaking tours with your partner.

#3, Solid Construction:

  • The construction of this inflatable kayak is solid with puncture-resistant capability. This became all possible because of its K-80 polykrylar (extra thick) material used. This makes it a reliable equipment over the years.

#4, Class III whitewater rating:

The kayak comes with a handy 9 inches tube, high frequency welded seams, I-beam construction. All these settings make it suitable to use in whitewater environment.

#5, What do you get?

The package comes with spray skirts (inflatable) which makes it sure that your kayak would be kept safe from getting in lots of water splashes coming in, rear and front seats for comfortable seating area, a reliable foot pump to keep the feet in place and comfortable, 2 x oars and a carrying bag to keep your kayak safe and easy to carry along your way. Here, the seats and the foot pump are the mandatory things with double comfort provided and the other features add more value to the overall system.

#6, NMMA Certified:

The kayak is NMMA endorsed, which is a regulatory body conforming to the manufacturing of boats. This means that the boat construction and material used is as per the industry’s safety standards.


  • The kayak comes with a satisfying 3-years long warranty from the manufacturer. This makes it an easy investment where the price for such a reliable equipment is quite reasonable too.
  • As the kayak and most of its accessories are inflatable, so the carrying of such equipment is quite easy. Above all, the total weight of this kayak is just 26 pounds, which for such a boat is as good as nothing.
  •  The compact unit has enough space for storage of your necessary stuff. Even, if you are planning to camp for a few days in the wilderness, the cargo space would suffice the need, with no adjustment needed.
  • The kayak comes with 2 molded skegs. These skegs mean that you can use this kayak just like a surfboard and travel the water faster, with far less paddling effort. It will keep the boat streaming right on the way where you want to.
  • It is somewhat an easy kayak for the beginners as well as experts who need to stay water free and safe while keeping the belongings safe and without any hassles.
  • The solid materials and comfortable construction help in keeping you easy and worry-free while on the go.


  • The return policy is good but the shipping charges for a return can be $80, which the customer has to pay. Is it worth a return?
  • The boat practically seems a bit small for accommodating 2 people. Even, smaller structure people riding together feels cramped.

Customers have shown interest in buying because they trust the quality and the features if they could just balance out the weight capacity of the kayak. It is well structured for a stable ride and also help in keeping all things safely in the kayak. The skegs and easy seats make it comfortable for the users and they have no issue using the kayak with their partner until and unless there are any exceptional weight capacity issues.

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#7, Conclusion

Convenience at a reasonable price. This is what the Sea Eagle 330 is all about. The inflatable unit with many inflatable accessories makes the highlight of the product. The issues lie with the return policy high shipping charges and its congested size.

But if you go through all the features and the benefits that come with this inflatable kayak, you can surely get all the justification o consider it as the right choice when you have to go for kayaking with your partner. It is worth a deal with the excellent features and the pros simply outclass the cons that it has.

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