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The Penn 320gt2 has skillfully been designed and constructed to aid the hunters in bringing home that prized catch they have always sought for. It is a product that is well suited for anglers in any region, waters or coast. It is, therefore, a must-have fishing accessory for all those serious fishermen who like going out for fishing expeditions often times. In a few words, the Penn 320gt2 is a powerful fishing combo, designed to facilitate for easy reeling. In this Penn 320gt2 Review, you get to understand why the product is a must-have for any angler

penn 320gt2 Review

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Product Highlights

  • Lightweight composite rod
  • Lightweight graphite reel

Special Features

  • Black anodized spool
  • Graphite gimbals
  • Lightweight but powerful rod
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Main gear features manganese-bronze alloy
  • Stainless steel pinion on the rod & reel combo
  • A combination of lightweight side plates and a lightweight single-piece graphite frame system produces an overall lightweight fishing combo reel
  • Graphite gimbals

The Penn 320GT2 Specifications

  • 4:3:1 gear ratio
  • 23-ounce overall weight
  • 25” line retrieve
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Maximum drag: 12
  • Two ball bearings
  • 320 yards/20lbs mono capacity


The body features one-piece graphite frames together with side plates, both of which have carefully been selected and machined with lightweight performance in mind. There is nothing as bad as going to fish with very heavy fishing gear. There is no way you can attain your fishing potential, as far as catch and time are concerned, if you go hunting with the heavy reels.

The spools are strong and black anodized to boost the durability even further. Anodizing the spool ensures that the spool is protected from corrosion and rust, among other harsh environmental factors that would have otherwise compromised the durability of the spool.

The main gears are manganese-bronze made that is reliable as far as long lasting performance is concerned

The ball bearings on the other side are aircraft grade stainless steel made. Such are also durable enough and are performance oriented. To boost their performance and long-lasting durability, they have been sealed to keep them from getting in contact with water, thus jeopardizing the durability of the lubricant and ball bearings alike.

All these characteristics are clear indications that the products primary agenda is durability, which is a very integral aspect of any quality reel anglers consider when buying a product.


Some of the similar products come with no warranty at all, with some still coming with shorter warranties. The Penn 320gt2 proudly offers the users a one year warranty from the manufacturer. This is yet another indication that they trust the quality of their product thus making it so easy for them to tag such a great warranty to each of their units.


The equipment is very versatile and has been designed to handle almost anything to wish to use it for. These include jigging, casting, drift fishing, trolling as well as using them with the downrigger systems. It, therefore, gives you maximum value for your money.

From the construction, it is evident that the Penn 320gt2 has been designed with some of the best materials and technologies with the ultimate reasons being to boost the performance of the reel too long lasting durability. This makes the reel to be versatile enough to be capable of producing good performances in salt and fresh waters. In other words, you can use it to catch fish anywhere you wish to.


The product’s construction is such that it produces among the best performances with the most capable applications when used in the waters to catch fish. A quick search through some of the Penn 320GT2 review is a proof to this. With all the durable and portable construction materials and technology above, the reel is associated with durability and reliability, even when used in the rather harsh salty water fishing environment.

The reel, just like other GT reels, features a powerful HT-100 Drag technology, which offers smooth dragging even when the load is rather too heavy. This is one factor that will make your fishing expeditions more interesting than never before. In a nutshell, its performance is its main selling feature.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Lightweight Construction:

    Mainly features lightweight graphite material for the frame and the side plates. Graphite is one great lightweight material that ensures maximum delivery in terms of durability as well
  • Durability:

    Spending your hardly earned money on a product that won’t serve you for long can be a bit traumatic. The Penn 320GT2 review talks about a product that doesn’t sacrifice durability for weight. Instead, it produces a hybrid combination of everything you will need in a reel to catch fish. Graphite is both strong and lightweight. Only a few parts, specifically the pinions feature stainless steel, which is super durable
  • Reliability:

    With such kinds of materials and construction in mind, the resultant Penn 320gt2 is a real reel whose performance will appall all the regular anglers. If you frequent the waters to catch fish, this is your best bet.


  • Its warranty is limited as it doesn’t cover damage as a result of normal expected wear, abuse or accidents

This is what will make you ascertain whether you are making the right or wrong choice. Customers who have used this reel before are amazed at how such a lightweight construction can be so durable and incredible in catching fish. In fact, the majority have ended up loving to go for angling, courtesy of this product. It truly works as advertized.

Customer Reviews

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The Penn 320GT2 has no capacity of winning a beauty contest. In other words, when other anglers will be bragging about how attractive their baitcasting reels are, you will be nowhere to be seen. It is important to notice that Penn spent time designing and constructing not a beautiful product but a responsive one. It is there a great product for those anglers who are more interested in catching fish than in sideshows. It is one of the best baitcasting reels that feature a proper power, speed to smoothness balance.

Ease of Use
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