Parker Thunderhawk Review Crossbows Outfitter Package

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Parker Crossbows have never had any issues when you have to hunt down your desired prey. This Parker Thunderhawk Crossbows Outfitter package is surely a great fit for ardent hunters who never want to miss out their targets. For a detailed parker thunderhawk review, you have to be sure about which things are the most important factors making the crossbows the perfect fit for hunting as well as the strong and weak points that let you choose among many crossbows available online.
Though it’s a matter of fact that easy handling, the reasonable weight of the crossbow, the right level of targeting and performance are the key features most hunters look for. As if they don’t focus on these features, a heavy, hard to handle crossbow would ruin the hunting process badly by limiting the hunter’s ability to work out thing properly.

In this review, we’ll be discussing how this Parker Thunderhawk Crossbows outfitter package has been made to match most of the needs of hunters and which features would be the best to focus on to benefit from it.

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Some of the important features you should be focusing on:

#2, The Overall Construction

The design and structure give this crossbows package the perfectly constructed body that is easy to handle and ensures proper targeting without any burden on the arms and hands holding it correctly. It has been designed to fit into the hands of the hunter with no possible creeks and uncomfortable hinges so that hunters can have a complete hold on it.

#4, Weight

It has been made to match the latest compact design needs giving it a compact, lightweight structure that only weighs around 6.5 lbs. Such a weight and compact design assure easy to handle crossbow that would not be a hassle to handle for you while hunting.

#5, The Dimensions:

The overall dimensions of the crossbow are 20.375 measuring the axle-axle size and 34.5 bow length, which is a reasonable thing for better targeting and handling.

#6, Safety and Performance

The G2 Bull-pup power trigger system and auto-ambidextrous safe function along with automatic anti-engage and the anti-dry-fire system keep the hunter in full control over the action and performance of the crossbow. In addition to that the vented, precisely designed forearm finer flange adds to the safety management feature of this crossbow.

#7, Accuracy and Targeting

The crossbow comes with the balance point to assure ultimate accuracy and improved targeting.

#8, Ease of Use:

It also offers EZ draw setup to make sure you have reduced cocking and improved performance.

#9, Other Features:

The bow features superb split-limb technology to assure easier and better targeting and addition to that the machined rise made of aluminum and the specially designed polymer ballistic barrel keeps it accurate and provide high level and long-lasting performance. This one offers 10.75 stroke power with 320 FPS velocity which is reasonable for any kind of hunting.

The package includes 4 arrows, quiver that can be detached easily and quickly, 3x Multi-reticle scope and consists of a synthetic string and cable for higher performance.

Parker Thunderhawk Review Crossbows Outfitter Package

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Due to the enormous features and ergonomic design, this Parker Crossbow package is better than many other crossbows featuring almost the same kind of performance benefits but with a little twist as well.

Some of the prominent features could be listed as follows:

  • One of the most useful aspects of this crossbow is that it is very easy t handle and set to go without any extra hassles involved. This makes sure that you will not have to waste your time while setting up and understanding the useful features.
  • Another great benefit of having this crossbow as your hunting partner is that it comes in a compact design so it can be carried anywhere you want to with no extra accommodation requirements.
  • The reasonable speed and push of the arrow make it suitable for almost any kind of hunting needs.
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    It is very much safe to use by the beginners as it comes with certain safety features including anti-engage and the anti-dry fire setup making it safer so that you don’t fire without targeting it correctly.
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    It offers the least cocking while using the EZ draw mechanism so that you get more as compared to the efforts you are putting in.


The polymer barrel may show up with some loosened screws and other such issues that may resist the performance overall.

Overall, this is a perfect little package for the hunter who needs suitable, easy and smart crossbow for a smooth hunting experience with better results. The lightweight body and well-designed constructions make sit better for all those who need to start with the crossbow

hunting as well as for the professionals who need an easy solution for their hunting needs so that they get the most out of the hunting skills.

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Parker Thunderhawk Review Crossbows Outfitter Package
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