MSR DragonFly Stove

The MSR DragonFly is a stove that's won design accolades in both the North American and European outdoor industries and stands alone for many reasons.

The MSR DragonFly is a stove that's won design accolades in both the North American and European outdoor industries and stands alone for many reasons. One of the most noteworthy is its innovative CoolFuel™ Valve, which yields an adjustable flame that goes from birthday candle to blowtorch with a simple turn of the knob. MSR designers infused the Dragon Fly with simple and straightforward features like super-stable pot supports, a self-cleaning Shaker Jet and field maintenance as well as a design that folds compactly into itself. The Dragonfly can run on a variety of fuels as well, which will enable you to slay the hunger dragons quickly. Multi-fuel with complete flame adjustability. Extra-wide pot supports and base for stability. Folds down to 1/3 its working size.

 ***MSR STOVES DO NOT COME WITH FUEL OR FUEL BOTTLES. FUEL BOTTLES SOLD SEPARATELY – type ‘fuel bottles' into the search box in the upper left hand corner of this page to view our selection. WE DO NOT SELL FUEL ITSELF.

Bottom Line: The MSR DragonFly allows you to actually cook your food, not just heat it up.

Burn Time:Depends on bottle size
Boil Time:3 min per liter of water
Fuel Types:Pretty much anything liquid
Auto Ignition:No
Fuel Bottle:Almost all of them
Heat Reflector:No
Parts Kit:No
Cleaning Tool:No
Stuff Sack:No
Hard Case:No
Size:4" x 3" x 7"
Weight:17.1 oz / 487 g

In a world that expects liquid-fuel stoves to have one setting (hot), the DragonFly stands out. Since its debut in 1998, it has won numerous awards for its innovative dual-valve design, which offers an unrivaled range of continuous and immediate flame control. Simmer a delicate sauce over a candle flame or melt snow quickly over a blowtorch with a twist of the flame adjuster. The continued popularity and performance of the DragonFly can be attributed to the many features invented by MSR.

 Reviews :

After having a look at the range of MSR stoves available locally (Australia), I went for the Dragonfly and bought it from for almost 60% of the cost here - and that included delivery! The stove is fantastic. It's not a quiet unit but it sure does it's job well. Boils water VERY quickly and the amount of control over the flame is better than the stove at home. Very pleased, am I.

 This stove is the best I have used. It has done a great job in all weather conditions, folds up nicely for what it is and is very robust. The only problem I found is when I came to changing the jets around. I snapped the tool trying to unscrew the jet, a screwdriver even failed and I finally had to employ a hammer to loosen the damn thing. Otherwise an excellent purchase.

 This thing cranks! A great snow melter and all-around stove too - will hold big pots no problem and is one of the most stable stoves out there. Also the in-line adjustment valve allows control from blow torch to birthday candle-size flame. It's somewhat on the loud side but otherwise it rocks.

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