Mountain Biking Guide Tools You Must Have In Your Backpack

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Biking is one of those sports which offer various health benefits. Unlike other sports or activities which require time and money, biking is one that saves both. Biking lets you enjoy the perks of getting around on two wheels and enjoy a hassle-free environment.

If you are a keen biker or want to practice your skills like a real mountain biker, then you need to look for the right type of biking gears. The right tools will prepare you for the breakdowns on the road. Whether you are just biking around town or backpacking for a long-distance touring around the world, picking up the right accessories makes a huge difference in your overall biking experience.

For a comfortable and convenient experience, you need all types of top rated biking gear or tools that can make your travel time enjoyable. You can also check out outdoor gear only to find the list of all the top rated gears. They have curated a handy list of options of all the stunning options available in the market.

If you want to enjoy your day and biking experience, it is essential that you plan and pack accordingly. Therefore, before setting out on a ride, check out our list of biking essentials that you would need for a great biking experience:

A bike and helmet are the two most common essentials without which you can’t even start your ride. It is quite strange that many people trail without a helmet on. You should know that a journey without a helmet is an open invitation to the brain injuries. Different bikers need different helmets.

Look for the one that fits your riding style and chooses the one which gives maximum protection. Pay attention to the details and look for the best mountain bike helmet. For example: look for a helmet which is well-ventilated. Make sure you buy the helmet that meets all the standards of safety, fitness, quality and ventilation features.

#2,Spare tube and patch kit:

A small patch kit can help you fix the flat tire and is helpful in case of a small puncture. It becomes a necessity when you have already used your last tube. Make sure you always pack it in. Also, it will take up very small space in your backpack. While in some cases, replacing the tube is the best option in case of large puncture or blowouts.

 So, you should always carry at least one spare tube with you on every ride. Tubes are light and compact. You can easily pack them in your backpack. Just make sure that you pack the right size. For long mountain biking rides, pack two spare tubes.

#3, Pumps:

After packing spare tubes and a patch kit in your backpack, the next thing that you should pack is pumped. The above-mentioned items (spare tubes and patch kits) are certainly of no use if you are not carrying a pump. Make sure you always carry a small and handy pump that fits in your backpack to inflate the tube after changing the tube. An alternative to pumps, you can also consider using CO2 cartridges. They are battery sized, refills tubes quickly and are for one-time use only.

#4, Bike computers:

Bike computers let you track everything, your cycling distance, speed, time and even your heartbeat. Keep your expensive smartphones save during your bike rides and use a bike computer for tracking. A bike computer makes the ride more efficient and enhances the overall biking experience. Visit outdoor gear only to find some of the best mountain bike computers that are available in the market. Their lists make the task of finding good biking gear a lot easier. Their list includes the top-rated biking gear items which are reliable in terms of both the features and affordability. Sort and track everything. Use a bike computer and enjoy your travel time and make it a more convenient biking experience.

#5, Multi-tool :

A quality multi-tool is a must for all those trailside repairs. It is one of the essential tools that you should carry around on your trip. Before investing in any multi-tool, check your bike. In case your bike requires any special tool, you should buy your multi-tool according to it. You can invest in any basic and quality multi-tool with different sizes of Allen wrenches. Other than this, you can also buy a multi-tool with a built-in chain breaker.

#6, For convenience:

Always remember that convenience is the key. Following are some of the essentials that you should always carry in your bag in order to make your biking experience more convenient.

• Padded shorts
• Waterproof Gloves
• Lock
• Maps
• Lights
• Compass
• Emergency whistle

If finding the perfect bike is a task. Then, finding and wearing the right pair of gloves and comfortable shorts is another. The appropriate clothing will let you enjoy the biking session whereas other essentials such as lock, maps, compass, and lights will ensure a strategic and comfortable journey.

#7: For personal safety:

You must understand the fact that personal safety is crucial. Your personal preferences and needs have a direct relationship and will have a bearing on the overall ride experience. However, your comfort is in your hands. You can enhance the safety and comfort element of your biking experience. You can get the maximum safety only when you pack all the essential stuff required for the trip.
Pack the following essentials for your personal safety. 

​• Water
• Sunscreen
• Lip Balm
• Protective glasses
• First-aid kit
• Emergency contact card
• Energy food
• Insect repellant
• Toilet paper
• Cash/ Credit card/ ID Proof
• Tissues
• Baby wipes
• Small towel
• Mobile phone
• Guidebooks
• Rainwear
• Wind jacket
• Footwear (according to bike’s pedals)

The above list includes all the essentials required for a good biking experience. Choose from our list and pack the essentials and enhance your overall biking experience. Most importantly, add some fun element and make your biking trip more exciting. Always invest in quality products that enhance both your safety and comfort.

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