Minn Kota Terrova 55 Trolling Motor Reviews

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Minn Kota Terrova 55 is another high-quality mount trolling motor with all the features to give you maximum towing control. It gives you 55 pounds of thrust and keeps you steady when towing. Although it does not provide the best pounds of thrust among other motors, it still delivers great overall power. Below are some important things you need to know about the mount trolling motor.

It can be used in freshwater

Unlike some other mount trolling motors, this model is specifically meant for fresh water. The thrust is not that powerful and may not go a very long distance. This does not necessarily mean it cannot be used in saltwater. But freshwater will bring out its best qualities and features.

Digital maximize

Just like the Kota traxxis 80lb model, this trolling motor makes use of the industry leading maximize technology. This means that with a single charge, you can get 5 times runtime in the water. The battery conservative technology will come in handy if you are going to stay longer in the sea.

One-hand stow system

This feature is also present in other models of Minn Kota trolling motors. With this technology, you can pull the motor from the water or let it into the water easily. This provides convenience and less stress for you. Even if you are fishing or riding your boat during a windy day, the motor provides a great deal of stability with the stow system.

Quite and efficient

This towing motor does not give produce loud noise, unlike some other models. It is very important to have a trolling motor that is quiet, especially for those who are fishing. Even though it stays very stable and efficient, this trolling motor is relatively quiet. That is one of the most important benefits customers love about it.

Designed with durable materials

A trolling motor pulls a lot of weight. If it is not made with strong material, it is bound to break down during the windy time period. This trolling motor is designed with high-quality materials to help you propel your boat even under harsh weather conditions.
The waterproof foot pedal provides longevity and keeps the foot pedal free of water damage. Its foot pedal also has a spot-lock button that controls steering and speed.

Bluetooth enabled

This is the latest technology used in the design of the product. It’s a Bluetooth enabled motor with simple i-pilot remote for convenience. The remote system has an LCD screen display to help you navigate easily and accurately hold positions.
The LCD display is large enough for easy view without losing focus or control. Customers who have used this feature have been impressed with its functionality and convenience.


  • Comes with tailor-made i-pilot for better boat control
  • Waterproof foot pedal
  • Universal Sonar and one-hand stow system
  • check
    Quite simple to stow and deploy


  • 55 pounds of thrust may not be powerful enough


If you are looking for more information about the Minn Kota 55 trolling motor, see answers to FAQ of the product here.

Q: What is the run time for this model?

When the battery is completely charged, the trolling motor can give you 5 times run time. This can take up to 6 hours or more, depending on the type of boat.

Q: Does the product have a warranty?

Yes. It comes with 2 years warranty to replace any defective parts within the period.

Q: What device can I use with the GPs technology?

As long as you have a smartphone, you can easily connect it to your device to help you remember fishing paths and spots.

Minn Kota Terrova 55 is one of the very few trolling motors with innovative technology to help you easily navigate with your boat when fishing. It comes with Bluetooth technology for more convenience. The industry-leading i-pilot system provides advanced autopilot when navigating with your boat. In addition, it is well constructed to give you maximum control, allowing you concentrate totally on your fishing expedition. With the GPs technology, you can have easy access to fishing parts with good command of boat speed. Overall, Minn Kota Terrova 55 is very efficient and does a very good job to give you a memorable fishing experience on your boat.

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