Minn Kota Maxxum Bowmount Trolling Motor Reviews

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Minn Kota is no doubt a brand leader for trolling motors. This model has enough power to help you propel your boat even under strong weather conditions. It’s a bow mount motor that provides stability and durable composite shaft to allow you concentrate fully on your fishing expedition. Below are the features and benefits of Minn Kota Bowmount trolling motor.

It can be used in freshwater

It has innovative fishing features and industry-tested power to maximum thrust and durability. There are several features of this motor apart from its durable design.

Durable industrial composite shaft

A trolling motor shaft needs to be designed with the strongest materials to prevent breaking or corrosion. That is exactly what you will get from this model. Its industrial composite shaft is guaranteed to give you maximum support when navigating in difficult weather.

Strong and reliable

This mount motor can withstand the rough weather conditions of the winter. It is powerfully built to help you navigate easily with your boat without any issues. If you are trolling with it, there is a high sense of assurance that the mount will not vibrate, flex, or budge.
In addition, the trolling motor comes with a newly designed foot pedal that gives you enough space to keep your foot and take complete control of your movements.

Distinctive bearing system

A good bearing system with gives you maximum control over your movement on the water. This Maxxum bow-mount bearing system does not give out any annoying sound that will disrupt your fishing task. It automatically reduces friction, giving you a quiet environment to target your fish spot. It runs more quietly and cooler than most other types of trolling motors. This will definitely improve your experience on the water and allow you to lure the fish unawares.

Designed with durable materials

A trolling motor pulls a lot of weight. If it is not made with strong material, it is bound to break down during the windy time period. This trolling motor is designed with high-quality materials to help you propel your boat even under harsh weather conditions.
The waterproof foot pedal provides longevity and keeps the foot pedal free of water damage. Its foot pedal also has a spot-lock button that controls steering and speed.

Powerful dual maximizer

The maximizer plays a very important role to keep your motor working for a very long time. With this feature, your motor battery life is extended for the entire period you will be in the water. You only need a single full charge to complete whatever fishing expedition you have. You can stay afloat 5 times more than you used to stay because of the new battery saver technology of the digital maximize.

Weedless wedge technology

This feature in the trolling motor removes weeds that may cause some harm to your machine. And it does this in a quiet manner using its flared blades.


  • Designed with dual maximize to prolong battery life
  • Weedless weed technology
  • Solid industrial composite shaft
  • check
    Comes with a warranty
  • check
    Simple to set up and use


  • NO high-end features
  • check
    No sonar function and you may consider it as a basic trolling motor that works fine on the boat.


The FAQ section below provides an answer to some important questions customers have asked about the trolling motor.

Q: What is the right operating voltage for the Minn Kota Maxxum motor?

Generally, the operating voltage is 24 volts.

Q: How long can the motor battery last on a fishing expedition?

You can keep the trolling motor running for more than 6 hours when the battery is fully charged. This is made possible because of it dual maximize feature.

Q: ​What control option does it have?

This trolling motor comes with 5fwd/3rev, 5-speed, and digital maximize control options. Each of these options offers uninterrupted and quick transition on water.

If you are going to use your boat in thick vegetation, you will need a trolling motor that clears weed from the way without interrupting movement. This motor has weed-less wedge technology that helps you do exactly that. It is also very compatible as it can fit into many types of boats.
Moreover, it comes with a warranty. This means that you can easily ask for a replacement part if the motor is damaged by it. Many customers have shared positive experience showing it works like its described. And from all indications from its features, we are certain that the motor will help you have an excellent fishing expedition.

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