Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Reviews

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Trolling motors have to be powerful, reliable and deliver the amount of thrust that is enough to keep pushing the boats at the speed that is needed in addition to that, these have to be very consistent in the performance, easy to mount and have to be sturdy to last long and perform at the same level. This MinnKota Endura is a mounted trolling motor that comes with a 30 inches shaft and 30 thrust level for better power and pushes on your boat. To get to know more about the features and performance of this trolling motor, we have explained and reviewed the features in detail in the following so that you know it better before you actually own it.

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Power Specs:

This trolling motor features a 12-volt transom mounted motor that offers a consistent and reliable thrust up to 30 pounds which is enough for keeping a boat trolling at a consistent speed. In addition to that, the 30-inch shaft reaches the depth of the water to make sure the boat keeps moving smoothly without getting much disturbed by the deep water waves.

Handling and Control:

With a trolling motor on your boat, you need to keep a good control over the speed and the direction as well. With this Minn Kota Endura trolling motor there is a telescoping handle of about 6 inches and tilt twist control for speed accuracy and steering the boat in the right direction. With the help of the ergonomic design controlling the speed and the movement is a lot easier and better.

Mounting and Setup:

For an easy setup, the motor comes with a lever lock design that allows quick and easy mounting on the boat with a lever lock that holds the motor in place with a solid grip.


When it comes to the performance of the motor it doesn’t disappoint the user as well. The overall functions and operation allow the motor to work quietly. With a quiet operation and minimal sound, you are better able to move your boat in the water without alarming the fishes around.
Further, it is capable of providing smooth performance that does heat up the motor and helps in improving the overall life of the motor and its battery as well.

Speed Options :

Definitely, if you have more options for speed setup in a trolling motor you are better able to cope with different water conditions and speed levels. This trolling motor offers 5 forward speed options and 3 reverse speed options so that you can keep a good control on the speed of your boat and work with the desired direction and movement as per your need.

Durability :

The composite materials offer a durable and sturdy structure to withstand pressure and lasting performance. The shaft is backed by a lifetime warranty and there is a two-year warranty for the motor as well.


  • 30 lbs. thrust
  • 12-volt motor
  • 5 forward speed and 3 reverse speed
  • 6 inches handle
  • 30 inches shaft


  • It has a telescoping handle means it reaches to the extent you need it
  • The motor is easy to mount on the boat with a firm grip
  • Multiple speed levels for customized control
  • check
    Indestructible and durable
  • check
    Easy to handle and control
  • check
    Lightweight and small sized but tough and well performing

Cons :

  • Not for heavy duty boats

As a whole, we have found this little yet powerful trolling motor a perfect one when you are looking for a 30-pound thrust. Since it can be mounted within minutes and offers customized

control on the speed you can be ready for troll anytime with a reliable motor pushing the boat wherever you need to troll in water. For a quiet, smooth and reliable trolling the motor works fine with the inflatable boats and lightweight fishing boats. Though it is not the one for heavier boats, most of the average boats will have no issues trolled and pushed by this little trolling power beast. The motor comes with a perfect design, power, and structure, for better performance. Since it’s a 12-volt motor it works fine with a 12-volt battery that keeps it going for a long way to go. 

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