How To Choose The Baitcasting Reel For Your Fishing Activity?

Fishing is the most interesting and exciting activity or hobby of many individuals because they love fishing. When it comes to the fishing, a good quality baitcast reel is the most important equipment for every fisher.

Baitcasting reel is the highly essential tool for the fishers who would like to effectively catch a large number of fishes.

The best baitcasting combination definitely provides you more control or the lure, pinpointing lure placements and also power to pull bigger sized fish out of the deep water.

Essential Considerations While Picking a Baitcast Reel

Whenever you are looking for the best and high-quality type of baitcast reel with the higher longevity, it is better choosing the baitcast reel with the better gear ratio. This gear ratio is the key consideration while purchasing the brand new baitcasting reel.

  • The experts are recommending you to buy the baitcasting reel with the lower gear ratio of about 5:3:1 for the perfect fishing with the crank baits.
  • The medium gear ratio model with the 6:2:1 to 6:6:1 is suitable for the spinner baits.
  • When the high-speed reel is your choice, then it will be suitable for the square bill crank baits and burning spinner baits.
  • The buyers of the baitcasting reel must also need to consider the spool size of the reel.
  • The experts suggest you select the reels with the small spools for the easy control while casting whereas you will experience less backlash with the larger spools.
  • You should also need to pay full attention to check out the quantity and quality of the ball bearings. They play a vital role to always keep the reel tight at the pivot points. Whenever you are choosing the leading brands of premium baitcasting reels, you can have 10 ball bearings.

In order to satisfy all of these needs of buying the suitable baitcast reels, everyone is recommended choosing the best abu garcia baitcasting reel coming in the different models.

Abu Garcia is basically a leading brand or fishing Equipment Company in Sweden. It has always been providing the best fishing reel with all high-quality options for your successful fishing activity.

Necessary Options in The Baitcast Reels

The best baitcasting reels should have to include these different ranges of options such as

  • Larger spool capacity for the heavy line
  • A wide range of gear ratio
  • Handle placement on both left and right handed sides
  • Construction of multi bearings for the smooth winding
  • Cast controls in order to prevent the backlash

If these vital options are available in your selected baitcasting reel, then it will be a right choice for your effective fishing activity. Abu Garcia brand is always there to provide you high quality, top rated and fully equipped baitcast tool for both the beginners and experienced fishers. Anyway, you will get an excellent, thrilling and unforgettable fishing experience with the Abu Garcia baitcast reels.

Braking system

The braking system of the high-quality baitcasting reels should have to be an easy time to control the fishing process instantly. Most of the baitcasting units have generally two various types of braking systems including.

  • Magnetic brake
  • Centrifugal brake

Some of the modern types of baitcasting units usually have the dual braking system. When it comes to the centrifugal braking system, it is usually made up of the 4 to 6 brakes to turn on/off according to the needs of the users. These types of brake works while the first part of the cast.

At the same time, it will be helpful to prevent the spool from over spinning. By this way, it can reduce the chances of getting over run. If the baitcast reel has the magnetic braking system on another hand, it works at the back end of your cast to slow down the spools. Thus, it ensures that over runs are at the end of the cast. The professional fishers are only choosing the best type of baitcasting reel unit with the right braking system.

Why Choosing Baitcasting Reels Over Spinning Reels?

There are so many reasons why most of the fishers are choosing the baitcasting reels instead of the spinning reels for their effective fishing activities. The following are the important benefits of the baitcast reels over the spinning reels.

  • Heavy lures – The baitcast reels really do extremely well with the heavier and larger sized lures. If the fishers are willing to throw the deep diving crank baits, larger sized swim baits, or any other larger lures, it is a better choice to get more fishes and even the larger fishes.
  • Line twist – With the spinning reel, the fishing would be difficult to everyone because you will definitely experience the line twist. Due to the excellent design of the baitcasting reel, the fishers will not get this problem during your fishing activity.
  • Adjustable braking system – Braking system is one of the essential consideration for all the fishing reels. If you are choosing the casting reels, they usually include the adjustable braking system according to your needs.
  • Power handle – One of the most considerable beneficial features of the casting fishing reels is the power handle. The spinning reel only has the single knob handle but the baitcasting reel contains dual power handles for your successful fishing activities.
  • Line capacity – The baitcast reels from the leading bran includes the larger line capacity than the spinning reels.
  • Heavy line – As the spinning reels are only using the lighter lines and lighter lures for your fishing activities, the baitcasting reels have the heavier line.

Learn more in the following video:

Whenever you are willing to get all these features in your baitcasting reel, you should need to choose the best abu garcia baitcasting reel than others. Nothing is better than the Abu Garcia branded baitcast reels for your thrilling and exciting fishing activity. Larger line, better line capacity, dual power handle, heavy lures, adjustable braking system, more numbers of ball bearings and everything are the most considerable features of the Abu Garcia baitcast reels.For more information please visit Baitcasting Reel.


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