Best gear ratio for baitcasting reels does not refer to a number or a value that you may ignore, rather it is an important aspect that helps in selecting the right baitcasting reel for quick bait retrieval and accurate targeting while fishing. In the past, the ratio and values were different than today’s meaning of the correct ratio and its effect on the speed of retrieval of your line. Today, you can find many levels of gear ratio for baitcasting reels and you can select the correct gear ratio on the basis of your hunting target and the bait you will be using for this purpose.

In fact, the gear ratio for baitcasting reel refers to the amount of line that you can retrieve with one spin of the handle on your reel. The higher the ratio the quicker would be the retrieval process.

​Fishing Reel Gear Ratio Explained

Different types of gear ratio you can find in common baitcasting reels are:

​Low Gear Ratio

The slow gear ratio can be the one when your reel has the 5.1:1 ratio or below, which refers to the number of turns your reel’s drive shaft takes in when you rotate the reel handle once. This gear ratio is best for in-depth fishing and crankbaits.

Medium Gear Ratio

Medium gear ratio can be referred to the gear ratio of 6.1:1 that means your reel takes to the line 6 times when you spin the handle once or it can also be measured in IPT or inches per turn for a better understanding. This level works best with swimming jigs, jerk baits, and Spinnerbaits and helps in bass fishing perfectly.

​High-Speed Gear Ratio

The high gear ratio spinning reel having around 7.1:1 gear ratio and above, is one of the fastest ratios that you can easily get in your baitcasting reels. As you enjoy a quick and speedy line retrieval which works best with worming and pitching techniques with about 30” line retrieved per turn.

Top 5 Baitcasting Reels for Slow, Medium and Fast Gear Ratio

​Slow Baitcasting Reels with Low Gear Ratio

best gear ratio for baitcasting reels
Lew’s BB1 is a mark of quality when you need smooth and accurate baitcasting reels. Whether you are looking for saltwater fishing gear for beginners or you need best gear ratio for saltwater fishing You can trust this speed spool reel that comes with a 5.1:1 ratio and higher ratio as well. The premium ball bearing which is double shielded for higher durability and long lasting performance give a smooth retrieval.

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​Medium Speed Gear Ratio

best gear ratio for baitcasting reels
Shimano core is one of the most efficient low profile baitcasting reel systems that helps in retrieving your line smoothly and also acts actively in targeting the line for correct line reach with a medium gear ratio of 6.1:1 gear ratio. You may also find higher or faster speed gear ratio in the other Shimano baitcasting reel models.

This is an ultra light weighing structure with a magnesium frame and features highly efficient gear system along with the variable brakes that ensure correct control over your baitcasting and retrieval function. It is perfect for salt water fishing and bass fishing for better results. For right-hand cranking, you can choose this 50MG7 model.

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​High-Speed Gear Ratio

best gear ratio for baitcasting reels

​​​​This fast speed, high gear ratio Piscifun Thunder baitcasting reel comes with a round structure, Japanese standard stainless steel ball bearings and NMB on both spool shaft sides. The high-quality structure ensures a corrosion resistant model that keeps the overall functioning a smooth process fo easy use and better results.

The gear ratio in this high-speed fishing reel is 7.1:1 whereas the drag power is 8+1 BB which supports 18lbs of weight and the line retrieval is around 29.1 inches. The anti-reverse feature with high-class brake system keeps the retrieval on track and a full hold on the baitcasting and retrieval process.

The bent handle and specialized knob keep the power to its peak when retrieving the line or baitcasting accurately.

best gear ratio for baitcasting reels

For a quick and easy solution with fast line retrieval, this Abu Garcia is one of the best high-speed fishing reels that you can trust. It has a low profile design that is lightweight and easy to mount on your pole with a high-speed gear ratio around 7.1:1 that helps in casting your bait accurately using a fast speed throw and retrieving the line quickly.

All of these above-mentioned baitcasting reels provides a good introduction and choices to help in selecting the right gear ratio for your fishing game. You can base your decision on the basis of the location, the bait you will use and the kind of fish you are going to target. Though the Golden gear ratio would be the medium speed gear ratio but again it depends on what you actually need. Choosing the right gear ratio may lead you to achieve your goals quickly and with lesser efforts as compared to when you keep on struggling with the wrong baitcasting reel. You may also need to know about the Best Brand Of Baitcasting Reels that you should trust to make sure you are spending on the right gear for your fishing adventure.

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