Live Target lures reviews Threadfin Shad Crankbait

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Fishing has never been fun and easy as much as it is with the Threadfin Shad Crankbait equipment from Live Target. The live target lures reviews found over the web gives you detailed insight into the product. However, this one is specifically aimed at the Threadfin Shad Crankbait with precise and up-to-date information that makes a huge difference, while you make up your mind about buying the product. This is a product which was the winner in ICAST 2013.

The highlight of this product is that it can combine 5 size Shad into 1 single lure. The ideal blend of soft paint patterns and the metallic foils adds to its appeal for baiting. Moreover, you could get it in varying colors depending on the different variety of the water conditions. Not to forget, that the product offers 1 knock rattle mechanism.

Important Features to Consider

This Threadfin Shad makes any anglers dreams come true. When you use it in clear water then its performance is unbeatable as compared to any other life-like lure. This is all possible with the existence of its below mentioned incredible features:
This bait is known for its very precise profile along with a convoluted head detail. This makes it an irresistible tool for the gamefish anglers. The net weight of the unit is just about 0.3 ounces and with that weight convenience, the performance is sharp, accurate and powerful in steady water conditions. The unit is manufactured with numerous flashpoints in order to give a binding presence.
This lure comes with an internal rattle system of boisterous nature. On top of that, the sharp and stick Daiichi hooks are also there to complement the rest of the mechanism of the lure in the most comprehensive manner.
This floating class crankbait can operate with precision in the clear waters having the depth of 9 to 10 feet.
The operation of the unit is made easy with the much needed tight wiggle operation. This is very tempting especially when paired with the steady retrieve or the stop and go type stroke.
The unit is excellent to perform in cool water and is found to be ideal for the smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and also the Walleye. This offers a tight wiggle and can cast at a reasonably long distance.
When it comes to the usability of the product, you could use it ideally along the shoreline. It could also be used by the rock flats and also just by the timber. The ideal time of the year for such crankbait is to use by early spring or summer or just by the late fall season.
Live Target lures reviews Threadfin Shad Crankbait

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Editor R​ating:

  • The design of the crankbait is ideally deceptive for the fish. It shows as if 4 to 5 fishes are tightly packed together, rather than giving an impression of 1 large fish.
  • The excellent rattling action and numerous baitfish profiles set up the impulses of the hunting bass and this allows the angler to offer numerous baits with no need of throwing an umbrella rig ever.
  • The electro-plated surface, excellent suspension and the bright flash of the crankbait make anglers job quite fun and easy.
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    The casting and retrieving of the lure are done exceptionally at multiple speed levels. The item is known to perform brilliantly at fast and slow retrieves.
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    The product comes with a medium size lip and this ideally helps in diving quickly and then holds well into the strike zone and that too for a longer period of time.

The polymer barrel may show up with some loosened screws and other such issues that may resist the performance overall.

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    Sometimes the unit is hard to resist some sharp and hard objects in the water, such as rocks and dense bushes/ woods etc. and have been found to break into pieces. This makes its quality and durability questionable.
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    There are some notable complaints about the lip angle which is found to be a lot steeper as it should be. This is probably due to the protection of the bottom hooking of the unit.

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Let’s face it; you can rarely get a lure as good as the Live Target Threadfin Shad with the price that it comes at. This product is a game changer, more so because of its slender body, medium lip size and the ability to deep dive quickly into the cool water. It has the ability to hold onto the strike zone for a longer period of time. Durability is a bit questionable, especially when it comes to rocks and wood in water.

Thanks to the authentic live target lures reviews such as this one which helped anglers in making the right decision. The Crankbait is found to be extremely detailed with its performance and promises to push live-well of yours to its maximum possible capacity.

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Live Target Lures Reviews Threadfin Shad Crankbait
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