LEKI Ultralite Ti Air Ergo Trekking Poles – 1 Pair

The Leki Ultralite Ti Air Ergo Trekking Pole is Leki's lightest, most compact trekking pole, weighing in at a mere 15.3 ounces.

The Ultralite Ti Air Ergo is Leki's lightest, most compact trekking pole, weighing in at a mere 15.3 ounces. This three-section pole is the ultimate for long trips where every ounce counts, or for a quick lap around the local hill when you want the lightest swing weight possible. Comfort features include the Automatic Comfort Strap (ACS) and the Air Ergo grip. Also features the Easy Lock System (ELS), which quickly and securely locks the pole's length with minimal effort. The Carbide Flextip can flex up to 30 degrees without damaging the pole shaft; perfect for trekking on hard surfaces such as rock and ice.

Bottom Line: Feather weight combined with all the performance you could ask for.

Shaft Material:Aluminum/Titanium alloy
Grip Material:AirERGO Grip
Tip Material:Carbide Flextip
Extendable Range:59-130cm
Shock Absorber:No
Camera Mount:No
Replaceable Tips:Yes
Rubber Tips:No
Replaceable Baskets:Yes
Number Of Baskets:2
Recommended Use:Hiking, trekking
Weight:15.3oz (that's light!)
Warranty:5 year

I had purchased a set of poles about six months ago and was sharing with the wife (one each as a walking stick). After making a pack trip solo and using both, I realized that was a much better way to go. They are great and DO take some stress off the knees, especially on the downhill carrying a heavy pack for me. Having backpacked for over 35 years, I am surprised it took me so long to finally try poles. If you haven’t yet, do so, you won’t regret it.

The poles worked great on my trip to West Virginia - lots of rocks to balance on - muddy puddles to traverse - they were wonderful. I found that they are easy to adjust but sometimes it's difficult to tell when they are locked fully in position - counting the number of times you have twisted the bottoms is a little lame - still, they're great and I wouldn't trade them - so very light!!!

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