As fishermen or a person having a zest of fishing, all you have to do is to get a perfect set of gear that will help you attain your goal in getting the right amount of fishes or the right kind of fishes you need to fetch as per your requirements. No matter how skilled you are and how better you select the areas where you will be fishing for the whole day, if you don’t have the right gear, you will not be able to achieve the goals.

 Among the many things that you have to keep along, the most important ones are the kind of reel you are using. Either you may use a fly reel, a fixed reel or a bait casting reel. The bait casting reels are most popular these days due to the ease of use and customizability of the gear to reach your goals. To make sure you have the bait casting reels or reel on your fishing pole, you have to be sure that you have bought the best brand of baitcasting reels from the most manufacturers on the market.

And for this, you may have to search a lot or make decisions on the basis of your experience and choice. Here are some of the suggestion and information about the best brand of baitcasting reels and other well-known brands of the same caliber as well.

​Top 5 Brands of Baitcasting Reels you Should Try

Though you may find numerous brands and products online, but if you need the best out of these choices you may trust the following brands to get one of the best baitcaster combo for the best fishing experience.


Kastking is one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of baitcasting reels and they offer durable, flexible and well-structured baitcasting reel on the market. Their popular products include kastking RXa 60 and kastking RXa 70 one of the products names Kastking Royale has been the most popular and trusted product by KastKing.
Here is a brief review of their hottest baitcasting reel on the market:

This one has a low profile and compact design that makes it feel perfect for your best baitcasting rod that you are using. The reel comes with a high level of performance and a silent as well as high-speed retrieval and throwing capability that makes it perfect for quick and active fishing game. It has a 7 to 1 gear ratio that makes it perfect for an expert fishing game.

The overall structure is made of brass and carbon fiber system to drag around 17.5 pounds easily hence providing the best baitcasting reel system for your use. Additionally, the Maxidur ball bearings give a corrosion resistant, smooth performance for a long lasting usage.

It comes tournament ready and doesn’t need any complicated settings. The unique spool reel design enhances the performance whereas no extra weight is caused by the rod to keep you easy while fishing.

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​ABU Gracia

best brand of baitcasting reels

Abu Garcia is another low profile, high quality and lightweight baitcasting reel that is considered to be one of the best brand of baitcasting reel on the market. It is made up of a well-structured design that allows a low profile design making it easier to mount on the rod and keeps the rod balanced while in use. Also, the stainless steel ball bearing and roller bearings provides easy and very smooth operation of the reel so that you can target the distance that you want to without any misses and interruptions due to lack of smooth reel spinning.

The aluminum spool provides strong line without extra weight and the power disc dragging capability and Dura Gear brass body provides a long life to the system. The unique feature in this product is that it has MagTrax Brakes that allows a well-targeted trajectory when you cast your bait.

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best brand of baitcasting reels

Among the many bait caster manufacturers, Piscifun has its own reputation as the manufacturer of some of the most reliable baitcasting reels. It is also one of the baitcasting reel manufacturers on the market that provide a low profile, highly efficient and reliable bait casters.

One of their most popular products is the Piscifun Tunes Magnetic Brake system, baitcasting fishing reel.

This one has 13 of the best stainless steel ball bearing and a roller bearing to make sure the reel works smoothly and have no interruptions while spinning. It comes with a 6.3 to 1 gear ratio which is perfect for the high-class fishing game.

Due to the presence of accurate magnetic brake system the reel casts the line accurately with the help of proper brake pressure and keeps the line targeted to the right spot where you need. The low profile design and high-quality materials give strength and smoothness without posing any extra weight and pressure on the rod.

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Neoby is one the newest yet a popular baitcasting reel manufacturer offering high-class baitcasting reels for better fishing and easy bait casting and retrieval.

best brand of baitcasting reels

The Neoby low profile baitcasting fishing reel is an excellent example for those who have to go for fishing in salt water. This one is perfect to be used in saltwater and gives an ultra-performance 1-7 g weighing lure to the targeted distance. To eliminate any interruptions and backlashes of the line the brake system makes it sure that you throw the line as accurately as possible. The anodized aluminum spool and strengthened brass gear make it a lifelong companion for your fishing hunt.

To keep the spool movement smooth, it comes with the 10 stainless steel ball bearing with 1 roller bearing on both sides of the moving spool and has a one-way clutch system to maintain a check and balance when you throw the line. The line capacity is about 10/125 or 12/100 whereas the gear ratio is around 6.3 to 1. It is perfect for right handed use.

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Shishamo is another brand that manufactures high-quality baitcasting reels with low profile design and high-end materials.

best brand of baitcasting reels

This product is one the masterpieces introduced by Shishamo manufactures. It comes with 17 balls bearing and 1 roller bearing made of stainless steel and offer smooth baitcasting and line throwing experience for better and easy fishing. The dual brake system allows the user to control the line in a better way for small and huge fishes. The spool is designed to allow maximum efficiency, easy pull and helps in avoiding weight. It has the best brake system for great control over the casting process and offers carbon fiber system to help in dragging and makes it easier for the fishermen.

All of the above-mentioned baitcasting reel manufacturers and their best products have proven to perform the best among all other products in the same line. These manufacturers have promised to provide high-quality baitcasting reels at an affordable price and help you get your best fishing gear and baitcasting reels under 200 USD. You can find one of the Best Inexpensive Baitcasting Reel from these manufacturers if you need a quality solution within your budget.

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