Abu Garcia Black Max Review in 2018-2019

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The Abu Garcia is now becoming one of the highly recommended products on the internet. It has the capability to deliver the maximum performance as well as higher value and also able to tackle the broad ranges of bass fishing applications.

Abu Garcia Black Max Review

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The Abu Garcia black max is very simpler and lighter than other expensive reels. It is a one-piece side plate and graphite frame that feels very solid and ergonomic foundation. It has five stainless steel bearing systems that guarantee the user to get excellent smooth performance.

However, this will enables you to fish throughout the day without the hassles. Before using this reel, you can simply read and understand the Abu Garcia black max reviews that help you to know more about this product and its usage.

The specialty of Abu Garcia black max is highly equipped with the brass gear for amazing winding power. It also contains the power disk drag system that produces very smooth performance during the hard fighting fish. It is also featured with the advance MagTrax brake system that allows the user to fine-tune their cast control in order to hold a lot of lures as well as fishing condition.

However, this could be an amazing reel for the anglers of any level. This reel also comes with fine grips that bring comfortable feel as well as the perfect grip to the users. These grips are always similar to any kind of attractive reels that are designed with an impressive design.

The Abu Garcia black max is an absolutely true value for your money. It is made with a lightweight and compact design, very smooth retrieval and also has a very high durability. It is highly suitable for both lighter and medium tackle fishing, which weighs about less than 8 ounces.

Its graphite body is contributed to the very light weight design, so it becomes very easy to handle. When it comes to the max family of several reels, the Abu Garcia black max is specially designed and most famous due to its higher performance, durability and, longevity as well.

When you decide to buy the Abu Garcia black max, you just want to take a closer look at the following things that include:

This black max reel has a premium retrieval rate as well as well suited gear ration of 6:4:1. It is pretty easy to handle than other reels and also able to cover even a very small distance. If you are a beginner, you should tighten up the brakes to avoid backlashes.

This reel is also equipped with dual brakes such as the magnetic brake for fine tuning and another brake could be adjusted for speel tension knob.

​Line Capacity

The Abu Garcia black max has a spool capacity of 12 lbs. It is very hard to keep something that weighs more than 15 lbs. It is ultimately robust as well as has amazing line capacity.

​Maximum Drag

This reel is featured with the power disk drag system that offers best performance and drag in the entire line. It has a maximum drag of 15 lbs than any other mid-range reels in the market. This drag system has an ability to offer good cast control after giving the fixed brake pressure in the entire cast.


If you are an experienced angler or fisher, you will definitely know the weight of light reel. It is made of the steel frame and the frames, as well as graphite side plates, are awesome. It brings maximum comfort and control to the users during the retrieval.

There is no matter about how much you can use the Abu Garcia black max, but it will be strong enough for several years. This reel will help you to cast and hook a fish even far away a mile.

​Benefits of Using Abu Garcia Black Max

  • Very affordable reel
  • Operates quietly without making noise
  • Very smooth and efficient
  • A single piece graphite frame
  • Power disk drag system
  • Easier and better to handle
  • Proper casting techniques
  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Ensure super smooth performance

Things You Should Know about Abu Garcia Black Max

Once you decide to buy, first of all, you should understand the requirements by just reading the Abu Garcia black max reviews and then use it in an effective manner. When you plan to shop this, there are certain things to be considered before buying.

One of the most important things is considering the material and its price. Basically, the Abu Garcia black max is made of stainless steel bearing system that perfectly suitable for all the anglers to fish on the water in the entire day.

This reel will always bring an amazing experience to the anglers without any feel of grinding in the whole retrieve. After several months of the usage, it will surely operate in a very good condition as well as make you feel much comfortable.

If you are learning about how to cast a bait caster, the black max is a nice option for you. It has an external brake that makes you very simple as well as fast adjustments in the most efficient way. It also contains thicker fluorocarbon lines, which tend to work well on this black max reel.

The benefits of using Abu Garcia black max reel is very simple and efficient to use, which allows the user to catch on fish as quickly and easily as possible. If you are considering a budget, you will definitely have a good time to use this black max reel.

Even most of the anglers are highly recommended to use and also becomes a perfect option for those who look to add a few more excitements to their fishing.

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Abu Garcia Black Max Review in 2018-2019
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