Kelty Sunshade – Large

A Kelty Sunshade is a quick and easy-to-setup shelter that protects you, friends and family from the sun when you're partying outdoors.

Description from Backcountry:
A Kelty Sunshade is a quick and easy-to-setup shelter that protects you, friends and family from the sun when you're partying outdoors.This freestanding, floorless shelter provides a comfortable outdoor dining or lounging area on picnics or at the beach.The Sunshade has continuous pole sleeves for smooth setup, guy out points for security, and taped seams for waterproof protection. It also features variable height and width adjustment for custom sun protection.

Material:Polyester Taffeta Fly
Floor Area:75sq ft
Dimensions:120-147 x 120-147 x 90-110 inches
Number of Poles:3
Tent Pole Material:Fiberglass
Stuff Size:6” x 30”
Packaged Weight:12lb 4oz
Minimum Weight:11lb 0oz

Reviews (3):

I have had my sunshade for 10 years and it's still one of my favorite pieces of gear. Its height and ground coverage are adjustable offering a variety of solutions to differing wind and weather. It's not for backpacking as it weighs in at over 12 lbs but it's proven indispensable for winter fishing/camping/summer family trips. The shelter has guy loops (includes cords) on each of three sides that allow you to choose the best rig for the wind and rain direction / intensity. Its dome design allows it to give, absorb wind load and still provide excellent coverage in the worst of wind and rain. We've weathered many a snow or rain storm while still being able to cook and eat under the shelter (we've comfortably sheltered as many as six adults in a severe rain storm). The poles, sleeves and covering have proven to be durable, breathable and fast drying. After 10 years (25 days/year) of hard use, mainly in the winter, it still has yet to leak a drop. Incidentally it allows two stakes per corner for redundant anchoring. Its size is perfect to completely cover a concrete picnic table, like those generally encountered in NFS areas, and still allow an ample sitting area for two. It has saved many a trip and it's well worth the money.

We were pleasantly surprised by how easy and inexpensive it was to order and receive the Kelty sunshade (less than a week). We have two small children so we ordered the large sunshade for our trip to the beach. It took two of us to set it up in the morning but after that we were able to stay out on the beach all day. The kids played and napped in the shade while my husband and I enjoyed the view and time with each other. We also had a few people on the beach who were curious and envious of our sunshade. Very pleased!!

We spent two weeks on the (sometimes) windy beaches on Nantucket this summer. The Kelty Sunshade (large) was a big hit, providing plenty of protection from the sun. We have a 15-month-old daughter, and the Sunshade provided a great place for naps and snacks out of the sun. Also, I'm 6'3", and the Sunshade allows full standing headroom. Great gear at a great price. Setup is easiest with two people, but after a little practice I could do it alone in about 5-6 minutes.

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