Kayaks Vapor 10 Angler Fishing Kayak Review

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Old town canoes and kayaks have introduced pioneering products on the market and you can find reliable and stable kayaks engineered to give the best kayaking experience you could ever get. This Vapor 10 Angler fishing kayak comes with a suitable structure that is capable of managing average body weight on it and keep the kayaker easy and active with all the accessories he or she might be carrying for a fun fishing game.

Kayaks Vapor 10 Angler Fishing Kayak Review

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#2, The design and structure

  • The kayak is designed perfectly to make sure you will have control over the kayak moving the water while keeps it flowing smoothly without any hindrances as its shape offers easy displacement. The overall structure of the kayak is made of Polyethylene and provides a break free and long-lasting body that float without any problems.

#4, The cockpit and seating

  • The cockpit is made to fit anyone having average or bigger body size. Though over weighting is not supported. The seat located in the cockpit is made to provide the high-quality comfort features and comes padded with foam to keep the user relaxed and easy while struggling through the water.

#5, Amenities you get

  • There are useful amenities you can see in the form of a molded cup holder, a tray and the paddle holder that makes it easy for the user to keep the things along their kayaking adventure and will not cause any mess in your cockpit area.

#6, Storage and carrying facilities

There is enough storage offered to keep the belonging safe in the kayak in the form of the stern storage box. There are also deck bungee and carrying handles to keep thing easy for the user to manage while carrying it to the place where you need it.

#7, Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the kayak is around 325 pounds which are quite enough for an average or an over sized person having a taller height. But it should be kept in mind that you need to stay within the weight limits or below it to keep the kayak balanced and go easy while in the water.

#8, Stability and tracking

Due to the fact the kayak has been designed to provide maximum control and perfect balance, you will not be subjected to any kind of balancing issues and it tracks well in the calm and running water streams.

#9, Comfort for the user

Through the padded seat, padded thigh supports and easy to adjust foot braces, this kayak offers easy and customizable seating to keep the kayaker active and comfortable all the time.

#10, Other features

The kayak comes with two-rod holders and anchors with the trolley to keep things easy and hassle-free when moving the kayak.


Due to the fact, this kayak offers lots of features, you might expect to get the following benefits when you are enjoying your kayak fishing journey:

  • Easy to sit in and the kayaker would not feel fatigue and pain because of the appropriately padded seat that keeps the user in place in an easy manner.
  • The cockpit is spacious and allows a person to adjust comfortably regardless of the fact if the user is taller and need more space, the foot braces also are adjustable to help to adjust in easily.
  •  It is high stable and tracking is never an issue so you can rely on it while you are on fishing in a bit deeper water or running water channels.
  • It has the storage area and the molded cup holder, tray and paddle holders to help you manage your luggage and accessories that you have to carry with you on your way to the fishing adventure.


  • This kayak does not come with the paddles and you have to choose and purchase the ones that suit your height.
  • The drainage is not appropriate due to some slope issues, and you might have to manage it on your own.
  • Might not be a stable option if you have a plus sized or taller body as it may not balance well in that case.

This kayak has scored 4.2 stars rating out of 5 stars in total so it is quite clear that you can trust it as your kayaking partner and it would be a gr​​​​eat option if you have an average body weight and an average height.

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With all the benefits and useful features, this kayak proves to be one of fishing kayaks of all and make sure you enjoy most of your time while sitting in this easy and cozy kayak.

 It is spacious and customizable if you need any adjustments in the foot braces and the seat as well. Though it can track in a stable manner wherever you want to go for fishing.

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