How To Tie On A Spinnerbait ?

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It is one thing to select the perfect spinnerbait for your fishing but quite another if you do not know how to tie on a spinnerbait. Do you seem to always struggle when tying on a spinnerbait? In my many fishing expeditions, I have learned that it is important to get everything right including the knots if at all I want to go home a happy fisherman. You can enjoy the same great results even if it is your first time trying a spinnerbait to fish using this simple guide. By the end of the read, you should be in a position to tie the bait like a pro without the struggles and mistakes that most people experience with the same.

5 Steps On How To Tie On A Spinnerbait Like A Pro Without Prior Experience

If you are new to spinnerbait, it is a very popular fishing lure type that is widely used because of how effective it is in fishing. The lure features a hook attached to a head, attractive blades and frilled skirt.

The best thing about the bait is that it catches huge fish varieties, including largemouth bass, catfish, trout, and steelhead. You will also find it in varying colors so you select what you feel best suits you. This guide will not only help first-time users but also those fishing enthusiasts who struggle with tying the spinnerbait or just never seem to catch any fish even after tying it.

  • Spinnerbait
  • Fishing rod
  • Fishing line
  • plus-circle
    Blade or scissors

#2, Step by Step Instructions

Are you eager to learn how to tie the spinnerbait in simple easy steps? I will take you through this and you can be sure it is not as difficult as you may think. You may, of course, need to practice a few times to perfect it, but the steps below are easy to grasp and you should have no issues with your bait again.

Video: Fishing Bait & Equipment : How to Tie Spinner Bait on Fishing Line

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#Step 1 – Attach Spinnerbait to Line

To do this easily, start by passing inches of the line through the spinner bait eye. Ensure that you keep in around 5 inches of the line when doing this and then tie in a clinch, Trilene or Palomar knot. If you choose the clinch, ensure that it is an improved clinch knot for best results.

#Step 2 – Tie End of Line

After you have passed the spinnerbait through tag end of the line and the knot is in place, wrap the line end onto the main line. Do this at least six times and start the formation near the spinner bait eye. Tying multiple loops is important because it saves you from situations where the bait comes off when fish strikes. You can trim off excess line after tying the knots to eliminate any detangling during fishing.

#Step 3 – Wrap Spinnerbait Eye

Now the next step is to wrap spinner bait eye with a monofilament. If you want a firmer effect, then you can also glue your line. This is a simple tactic to give you an easier time opening the eye after you are done with your fishing.

#Step 4 – Lubricate the Knot

This is a very important step many people overlook yet it greatly helps in improving performance. You can use water to moisten your knot and then ensure it is tightly pulled down to the main line. To ensure that you have the bait tightly tied to the line, cast your pole into the water several times before actual fishing begins. If there is a flawless movement of spinnerbait in water when you reel after casting the line, then you have done pretty well.

#Step 5 – Tighten Knots if Need Be

In case you feel something is wrong with trying your spinnerbait, then pull your line and ensure all knots are tightly done so the bait is held in place. It is very important that appropriate knots are tied across the line after spinnerbait is passed through. Make any necessary changes if you need to.


Did you find this guide helpful? I hope you did because it is through these steps that I became an expert in trying my spinnerbait and I never go home disappointed after any fishing expeditions. This guide will help you become a pro when using your spinnerbait and you will love how the fishes follow your bait as long as you are in the right waters doing your fishing. If you are still feeling confused or you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to contact me. I would love to be of any help on how to tie on a spinnerbait so you catch maximum fishes on your next fishing trip.

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