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Let us suppose that you are lost in the wild while searching for wild animals; you are hungry and you have no food left with you anymore, in such an emergency situation, knowing how to tie a snare can prove to be very handy and useful. Some people might say that the process of how to tie a snare is pretty tricky and you can only master it after years of experience and jungle adventures.

That is definitely not true. Of course you need to know the right trick to do it, or else you will not be able to learn it in a hundred years. This is what people lack, the ways to tying a perfect snare are numerous and most people confuse up the steps and then blame the technique.

Not only is it helpful in the wild, you can also learn this trick to deal with the rats and mice at your home or in the garden. Sit back as we explain to you 7 simple and east steps of how to tie a snare.

Things that you will require while learning how to tie a snare:

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    A wire, out of which you will make the snare. It should be bendable. A steel or aluminum wire works fine for this purpose.
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    A ruler for measuring the wire length.
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    Wire cutter
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    A stake or wooden pole
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    A drilling machine
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    A hammer
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    A stick to support the snare

A. Cutting the Wire:

Measure the wire of length 2.5 feet with a scale and cut it with a wire cutter. The wire can be of any material as long it is sturdy enough and bendable. It should be strong enough as the animal you are planning on catching will struggle for its life once it gets caught in the snare. Thus it should be strong enough to withstand that kind of stress.

how does a snare trap work

B. Creating the Loop- The Most Important Step for How to Tie a Snare:

Bend the wire with one of your fingers and create a loop taking one inch of the wire. There should be at least 2 inches of the wire left on the side of the loop having the smaller part of the wire. The loop should be such that if you pull the wire from both ends, it should straighten out.

how to set a snare trap for coyote

C. Making the Loop Stronger:

Wrap the remaining wire from the loop below it to make sure that your loop stays like that even under pressure and stress.

how to make a rabbit snare

D.Take the Opposite End of The Wire and Form the Noose:

After you are done with the loop, the next step that comes for how to tie a snare is forming the noose which will trap the animal. Take the other end of the wire, which is the free end and simply put it through the loop. It is very simple, if you are not sure how to do it, please have a look at the picture below. The noose that will be formed should be approximately the size of your fist.

how to make a snare trap for coyotes

E. Setting it up on the Wooden Post:

The most important step of the process of setting up the snare on a wooden post or branch. For that, first you need to drill a hole in the wooden post. Make sure that the hole is at least 10 inches from the ground. Put the wire through the hole in the wood, bend it to form a loop and wrap it around to secure it. Refer to the provided picture to get a clearer idea of the process.

how to make a animal trap in minecraft

F. Hammer the Wooden Post in the Ground:

With a hammer, set the wooden post in the ground. Make sure that it is well set and not disturbed by anything like strong wind or rain. If it is not firm enough, there are high chances that the rabbit or the hare might escape from it easily.

G. Setting up the Noose with a Support:

The last step is setting up the other end of the noose with the support of a wooden branch on the other side. The rabbit or hare will get trapped in the noose while they are in the mid-air, jumping.

PRO TIP: Make sure that you build the entire set up in a path where the rabbits are frequent. Otherwise, the trap is of no use whatsoever.

how to make a snare drum

Make sure that you build the entire set up in a path where the rabbits are frequent. Otherwise, the trap is of no use whatsoever. You can also use this tutorial of how to tie a snare to build a hanging snare. Just instead of the ground, you will have to set it up on a tree and let the trap hang freely. After the rabbit or hare gets caught in the noose, it will tighten ultimately killing the animal.

By this, we come to the end of your how to tie a snare tutorial. We hope that you have enjoyed it and the next time you are out in the forest, you will be able to get a rabbit or two for your dinner that night.

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