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Welcome to the article where we tell you one of the most important tricks of fishing, and that is how to tie 2 fishing lines together. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not only the number of fishes you catch which determines your ability as a fisherman, but also the various tricks and secrets of the trade what makes you experienced and expert.

One of the most important things that you need to learn while learning fishing is the different types of knots and loops that you need to make. Trust us when we say that it is important, you may get through one or two times with just luck but eventually you have to learn them to master the art that is fishing.

One of the most important knots that you need to learn is how to tie 2 fishing lines together. Many will tell you that it will take some time to learn the trick and only you can master it thorough extensive practice for years. But if you learn it from the correct source, it is just a matter of hours to learn and master how to tie 2 fishing lines together.

The trick is also extremely useful when you have two shorter fishing line but you need a longer one. If you know how to tie 2 fishing lines together you can easily have the longer rope that you want for your fishing.

The only things that you need for learning how to tie 2 fishing lines together are two pieces of ropes and nothing else. Have you got that? Great! Let us start and go ahead with our tutorial.

There can be a number of ways of how to tie 2 fishing lines together. But the uni knot is the most important and most reliable of the two:

The very first step of the uni knot is to have the two ends of the rope, each of 6 inches placed in parallel. Do keep in mind that the ropes should be of equal diameter and the knot will not be strong enough if they are of different diameters.

how to tie two pieces of fishing line together

#2. How to tie 2 Fishing Lines Together

In order to make the loop, try to moisten the two ends of the rope with some kinds of crèmes, oil, moisturizer or balm. In this way, they will be softer and easier for you to hold and handle. Then start wrapping one of the tag ends back against itself and then take it on the top of 2 lines to create a loop like structure. Do the same with the other end as well to form the loop. If you have trouble understanding, please refer to the picture and have a careful look at the directions of the arrows.

how to tie two ropes together

#3. Wrapping the Tag end for Six Times:

In the third step all you have to do is to take one of the tag ends and then you need to wrap it around the two fishing lines for exactly 6 times. But do not forget to keep the loop open. You can wrap it for more than 6 times, but the more you do that the more you will lose space in the remaining portion of the fishing lines.

how to tie a leader to braided line

#4. Pushing the Tag end Through the Loop:

the fourth step of the procedure is where you put the tag end of the same fishing line which was used to wrap the fishing lines through the loop. For this step, you have to pull the tag end tightly to crowd up the coils formed by wrapping the fishing lines for six times or more, as you have done it. This process of crowding up the coils is necessary to make the loop tighter; otherwise it may just unwind due to the water current when you put it in the water.

how to join two fishing lines together

#5. Repeat with the Other Tag End:

Now you have to repeat the same step no. 3 with the other end of the fishing line by tagging the end and wrapping the end for 6 times and then tighten it by pulling.

how to tie fishing line to leader

#6.Tightening the Knot and Trimming the Excess Line:

In the final step all you need to do is tighten the uni knot by pulling it from both the ends and then trim the excess fishing line which is coming out of the knot.

how to fish a wooly bugger

Video: How to Tie a Uni Knot - How to Tie 2 Fishing Lines Together

Video Credit: blueparay

By this we have come to the end of our tutorial. We hope with the detailed description and the aided pictures you now know very well how to tie 2 fishing lines together like a pro and will have not trouble doing it from the next time you go out on your fishing trips.

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