How To Shoot A Compound Bow Like A Pro

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Shooting through compound bow seems quite an easy task like just pick the bow, draw the arrow and release. But it is not as simple as it sounds. How To Shoot A Compound Bow? Shooting through a compound bow takes both time and practice to make a perfect and accurate shooter. Lucky thing to know is that learning how to shoot a compound is not much difficult as well. It is just that a person interested in shooting a compound bow need to follow some basic steps and practice as much as can. Shooting through compound bow is quite easy as compared with shooting a traditional bow.

In here we will talk about How To Shoot A Compound Bow perfectly. So, if you are not good at shooting a compound bow you don't need to worry just follow the given steps properly and learn how could perform well. So the steps to shoot a compound bow are as follows:

The first step to do is prepare the Best Hunting Compound Bow. Also, make sure that the bow is in good shape and properly maintained. Try to use a compound bow you are familiar with. Or used before because using a new and unknown compound bow may cause uneasiness or trouble sometimes. The best thing is to take a compound bow suggested by the experts.

#2, Correct Standing Position:

For a perfect shoot, having a correct stance is very much important. The stance of the archer should be balanced and clear. He must be standing perpendicular to the target selected. He must stand with feet shoulder length apart and the left foot should be in front of the right one. The right side of the body should be aimed towards target selected. If a person is right handled must slightly move the right foot bit back, this would be all opposite if a person is left-handed.

#3, The Grip On The Bow:

A perfect grip is also required for a perfect shot, the grip on the bow should be firm but a relaxed one. Having a perfect grip is also an art. If the grip is too much tight a person can't be able to make an accurate shoot so the grip needed should be a comfortable one. No need to make a shoot with the open hand as well So try to make a perfect and comfortable grip.

#4, Anchor Position:

Whenever we draw the string, the string hand should be locked against the side of the face. This all is called an anchor position. If a person is right handed then the string and hand of the person should be on the right side of the person's face. For the left-handed person, the case would be the opposite. To have a high accuracy level the string should be an anchor at the corner of the mouth or anchor it under the chin.

#5, Drawing The Bow:

Drawing The Bow

It is necessary not to draw the bow unless following all the above instruction carefully. So, extend the arm towards the target directly with a firm grip, a person could use a mechanical release device if he wants. Hence, extending the bow, pull the string to the maximum and draw, it is important to choose the right bow because if the weight is much more than what suits you will damage the accuracy in the shoot.

#6, Aim The Bow:

We know that some bow comes with the sight that helps in making the shoot easier. But this is not a good thing to do. The sight of the bow is just for average shooters, the best way to make the shoot perfect is practice. More a person practice more accurate he is in aiming. Practice is the perfect key to aiming. Depending on the conditions mostly seen that good shooter aims a bit above the target so that they could clearly see the target.

#7, Release The Arrow:

Release The Arrow

The most important step of the shooting is released, a smooth release is very much important in shooting. So, it is necessary that the fingers should be completely relaxed while releasing because a bit of tension in figures could result in the bad shot. The shot could be easy if we use a mechanical release. Because in that we just need to draw, aim and release the trigger of the bow and the work is just don. This could also result in failure if the trigger is slapped. So, releasing is a very important

#8, Follow-Through

The follow-through is basically a mental process. As you do all the things a person need to keep aiming till the time he perfectly hit the target. One thing should be kept in mind that don't leave the place and position until the arrow hit the selected target. Keep looking at the arrow as it is traveling towards the target. The bow should not be down immediately after the release.

#9, Practice Again And Again:

I want to be expert in shooting need to do practice more and more. All of us must have heard the quotation that practice makes a man perfect. The statement is completely right, the key to any success is always practice either. It's about the shooting or anything else because practice leads to perfection. We all learn from our mistakes so if one shot goes wrong does not mean that you can never make a perfect shot again. All you need to do is learn from your mistakes, perform and try to avoid it in next attempts by doing this all the errors would be removed and an accurate shot is made. So practice all things as much as much as you can and make a mark.


These are all some basic steps that would help you to learn How To Shoot A Compound Bow perfectly. A person who is not good at shooting a compound bow can learn a lot from it. Just need to follow all the steps carefully from choosing a right compound bow for yourself till the end. This all would be of great help to a lot of people who wants to learn shooting a compound bow.

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