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If you are into fishing, the question of how to rig a fluke must have occurred to you. You may also have asked it to people without finding a satisfactory answer to it. And why not? Fluke is a much better alternative as compared to soft plastic especially because it is a bit heavier, thus providing more casting distance.

Moreover, it hides the hook and does not let it pick weeds.
Your worries with respect to how to rig a fluke end here since we are here to provide you with the guidance that you had been looking for since long. With our guidance, you will be able to rig a fluke with any difficulty. So let's begin! Have a look at the different things that you will require for the purpose:

#1, The Different Methods of How to Rig a Fluke

First of all, you need to decide which method you shall adopt if you want to know how to rig a fluke. There are a number of popular methods such as:

Weightless rig with 3/0 and 4/0 hook, threaded hooks with jig-blade or spinnerbait trailers, shakey head rig, split-shot rigs and Carolina rigs. So before you proceed with the rigging, decide the method which you will opt for. 

One great method would be adding the swivel to the line at a position of six to eight inches in front of Super Fluke. You can use a brass swivel varying in size between no. 4 and no.10 for the purpose or even an X6R Swivel or a Sampo X5R Swivel. Due to the weight, the hook will slowly take down the Super Fluke as you stop twitching it. You can also vary the size to ensure a faster or slower drop. The swivel will also prevent twisting. 

If you are trying to combine a Super Fluke with a jighead then all you would need to do is to use a round ball jighead that has been rigged in the form of an open hook or Texas-rigged in the form of a worm.

Now the Super Fluke has to be threaded on the hook and it has to be secured on the lure keeper or even using Super glue. Those who are keen on fishing in places with vegetation and wood cover will find the Super Fluke helpful due to its streamlined design. 

Pro Tip: There are five different sizes available. So select according to the size of the forage instead of going by the price.

Let it fall to the bottom after casting it. Then what you will need to do is twitch, nudge, pop and allow it to fall. It should be given subtle action such that the head remains at the bottom in such a way that it seems you are feeding it. The tail of the Super Fluke would stick up and be thumped by a bass.

how to fish a fluke for bass

So as you can see, there are different methods that you can follow and different ways of approach for any of these methods. Let us explain one such method as to how to rig a fluke.
The first step you need to perform would be tying the leader to the eye of the book. 

fluke hook size

Now, place the hook beside the body to find out the point where it should enter. Also, factor in the length of the knot to so that the tip of the bait can cover up the knot as soon as you are done with it. 

fluke rigging instructions

If you are not acquainted with this type of tasks, you can make a mark at the point where hook point leaves the bait

how to fish a zoom super fluke

Now, hold the lure in such a way that the slit remains positioned down. The hook should be inserted and made to exit in such a way that about quarter inch of it remains outside, in the down side.

fluke hook setup

Now, the hook has to be pulled across the bait, till the eye has reached the tip. Then the hook has to be turned around such that the point faces the body.

what hook to use with a fluke

The next step of how to rig a fluke is to insert the hook point at the center of the belly at an angle of 45 degree. The body of the lure has to be bent in such a way that the hook point leaves at the spot marked by you. 

zoom swimmin super fluke rigging

Then keep on pushing the hook point through the center of the body, so that it leaves the body at the marked spot. Once you are done, keep threading the hook inside the belly slit or pocket. While doing so, make sure that the hook point sits flush against the body.

fluke rigging instructions

Finally, push the tip of the bait over the eye of the hook and the knot.

fluke rigging instructions

Video: Fluke Fishing Tips + Best Way to Rig a Fluke

Video Credit: Jared Tuck

So, by now, the question of how to rig a fluke must have become clear to you. Share the article to let your friends know the same!

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