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Are you someone who is interested in learning how to fly fish for bass so that you can enjoy fly fishing as an outdoor sport like many others around the world? Then this article is meant for you. Here we will discuss the various steps involved in learning to fly fish for bass.

Bass are voracious predators, living in lakes and rivers and taking flies as trout. Fly fishing for bass can be difficult and it will take time to learn how to fly fish for bass properly but with time and practice, you will succeed in pulling monster trout for bass.

#3, Things you Will Need to Follow this Tutorial on How to Fly Fish for Bass:

  • check
    A good-quality fishing gear
  • check
    A six to eight-foot fly rod
  • check
    A spool and a sharp pocket knife
  • check
    Flies and pliers
  • check
    Special clamps or forceps to remove hooks from a trout’s mouth

#4, Guide to be Followed in Learning How to Fly Fish for Bass:

  1. Find the Right Time and Place to Fish:

If you wish to be successful in your attempt, then either fish early during sunrise or fish late during sunset as the fish tend to feed at this time. You can catch bass even during the day if you are using a conventional fishing gear. But during the day, learning how to fly fish for bass becomes difficult as your presentation options become limited as you would need to cast very far and fish very deep.

But during low-light hours, bass tends to feed in shallow water where it is much easier to fish with the fly. Similarly, you should find a proper place to fish. It is best to go for a quiet and secluded place far from the crowd. During sunrise or sunset, you can find fish in the shallow water in search of their food where it is easier for you to catch.

Pro-tip: Fishes are very sensitive to their environment and can detect disturbances so you must keep quiet and cautious while you are approaching the stream. Do not make any kind of noise and try to stay in the shade to avoid casting a shadow.

2. Casting

If you are on a clear bank without any low-hanging trees, then opt for a two-stroke cast, whereby you will require enough space around you. Lead out the fly rod and hold it tightly, check for any line of tangles, then whip the tip of the rod up and back, watch as the line unfurls and flick the rod forward and send the line out onto the water surface before the line is completely straightened out.

However, if you have no space around you, then you will have to try a roll cast in the similar way as done in case of a two-stroke cast. The only difference is that roll cast will not require as much space or a loose line like the two-stroke cast.

Pro-tip: Make sure your fly looks attractive along the surface of the water and fish are able to see it as a real insect. You can do this either by letting the fly drift or by giving the line gentle twitches in order to imitate a natural movement so that the fish thinks the fly to be a real insect. This is an important strategy in learning how to fly fish for bass.

Two stroke cast-min

Two stroke cast-min

#3. Hook the Fish as an Important Step in Learning How to Fly Fish for Bass:

​Once the line becomes taut, you know that you have gotten a bite. This is when you need to hook the fish; otherwise, it will get away off the line. Keep your rod’s tip lower so that you can move the tip in the direction of the curvature of the line once a fish strikes. Keeping the line taut set the hook properly in the fish’s mouth by holding the rod tightly with one hand and pulling down on the line sharply with the other hand. Continue stripping away the line until the fish gets tired.

Hook the fish

#4. Net the Fish:

After hooking your fish, you will have to net it by putting the net into the right position and gently pulling the line to guide the fish over the net’s rim. Once the fish is past the net’s rim, flick the rim up and lift the net out of the water to prevent the fish from escaping. Then unhook the fly from the mouth of the fish very carefully.

Video: How To Catch A Bass While Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a very complicated activity than normal fishing with a standard rod. It is much more fun and the solitude involved in fly fishing is unmatched for and with a little practice, you will learn completely how to fly fish for bass

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