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Have you ever thought about being a champ at your local skate park sliding in a rhythmic manner, flawlessly, with ease? We will tell you what tricks work really well while learning how to do skateboard tricks. What is the best advice is to stress/focus more on the tricks which you perform the best and then include these ones as well which should make skateboarding challenging and an act of real fun as well?. Repeating the tricks you already tried would neither be an enjoyable act nor make you feel excited about.

Skateboarding is really fun but in order to learn the requisite skills, you might want to shed some sweat and learn the right moves. There are several tricks you can perform while skateboarding and we must tell you, these are amazingly interesting ones which do work wonders. Some of the tricks can be tad risky but it is certainly worth the effort.

#1. Dropping In & Pumping

Quick Tips: Dropping is all about determination and timing. You are probably/certainly going to skid off if you try attempting dropping in half-way.

​By bending your knees and slightly leaning forward, trying to connect your front wheels, this should result in a clean and absolutely safe landing.

​It could look slightly scary to lean forward but doing it with faith should make it so easy. If you are apprehensive/skeptical about dropping in on a quarter pipe/minicamp, maybe you would want to practice sliding down on a bank first.

#2. 50-50 Grind

Quick Tips: One of the pertinent thumb rules of skateboarding is to practice rolling sideways before trying out a 50-50 grind and this is quite helpful.

​This is what you’re supposed to be doing when rolling up beside a ledge/ box.

​You must always brace for impact, but it’s again jeopardizing at the same time, majorly because you’re not always locked on the way you are supposed to. rolling sideways into a 50-50 does seal your action place, indeed.

#3. Pop Shuvit

Quick Tips: This is the simplest trick you can learn in skateboarding. Before learning pop-shuvits, you might want to learn the act of shuv-its which is not a new practice either. The only difference between the both is there is no pop in a shuv-its.

Shuv-it’s are really fun and is adventurous, but you can’t shuv-it off a set of stairs or over a gap. In order to do it the right way, you would want to learn how to imitate a pop shuv-it at the peak of your pop. With practice, you can, which can be vouched for.

#4. Frontside Noseslide

Quick Tips: You must learn how to nose stall at first before learning this trick specifically nose stalling curbs, stairs, benches, boxes, and whatever else you can find that you can Ollie onto.

​It is also seen that some try to master how to nose stall with rolling. Nose sliding can be done the way demonstrated below. If patiently learned, these are the best actions to perform, in style and should help on grabbing eyeballs.

#5. Kickflip

Quick Tips: The kickflip is a famous trick performed by the ones who practice this sport. This one also is quite jeopardizing because a wrong move can get your bones broken.

There are innumerable videos on the internet of skaters portraying this trick which is quite informative. Swing a super Ollie, and at your peak flip your ankle at the top corner of your board and now what do you have to do is to catch the flip with your back foot, bring your front foot back closer, sustain the landing, and roll away! This action requires precision to get it right. Mastering this skill should help in performing like a trained skateboarder.

#6. Rock Fakie/ Rock n’Roll

Quick Tips: The rock n’roll trick might be an easy task because you are riding back into the ramp the way you came up and these are both really simple tricks.

You must get used-to with pumping the mini ramp so that you get used to riding out real easy. While you’re at it, do practice riding switch too, because this will round out your entire action and turn you into a skateboarding PRO.

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#7. Backside Grind

Quick Tips: From the two ways to do this trick, one way is to grind on top of the coping, and the other one is to grind the coping on the side. The second way is much safer, but you should gradually learn how to do it both ways, which is possible.

As long as you have your trucks set it the right preposition, there should be no fear of hanging up and getting crashed. Dropping in on a backside 50-50 grind does turn out to be really easy once you know the technique. Action starts out there, go for it, and try it.

Video: How To Skateboard For Beginners | How To Skateboard Episode 1

Video Credit: Braille Skateboarding


I would say if asked, the three easiest tricks to learn on from this list would be the pop shuv-it, frontside noseslide, and rock to fakie. So if you require a couple of tricks to practice in order to hone your skateboarding skills, there’re three of them, and they’re most likely going to be easy for you too if practiced with meticulous observation. Try ’em out! Happy you learn how to do skateboard tricks.

These tricks are not very easy, but practicing and rightly following the instructions should get you a tag that everyone desires for – THE PRO

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