How to Choose the Right Trolling Motor

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Wondering how to choose the right trolling motor for your boat so that your fishing experience becomes worth it unlike in case of using fishing hole? Well, this article is the right place for you as it deals with the various tips to follow and important things to consider while buying a trolling motor.

This is important for you because you need the right type of trolling motor for the type and size of your craft because this will provide you with the potential to catch as many fishes as you want to since trolling motors are advantageous as they do not produce loud noise and can be positioned in the proper way to catch the fish.

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    You need to think about the kind of fishing you want to do.
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    You should know the nature of water you want to go for fishing
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    You should be aware of the size of your boat.

#2, How to Choose the Right Trolling Motor for your Boat.


The first thing to consider about the right trolling motor is how much thrust it will provide. It is a measure of how much the trolling motor drives the boat through the water. The bigger your boat, the more thrust you would require from the trolling motor to control your boat.

Thrust of a trolling motor

Pro-tip on determining the thrust size: If you want to know the pounds of thrust that the trolling motor will require, you can add the estimated weight of your boat to the maximum weight capacity and divide it by the boat’s weight. For example, every 200 pounds of boat would require 5 pounds of thrust.

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#2. Battery power and voltage:

 This is another important factor to consider in deciding how to choose the right trolling motor. Power and battery will depend on the boat size and how often you are going to fish and for how long. Trolling motors have three varieties in voltage- 12 volts that can run off one 12-volt battery and is the least powerful, 24 volts that runs off two 12 volt batteries and 36 volts that are powered by three batteries. Large fishing boats need a 24 or 36-volt trolling motor. If you fish for a few hours once a week or during the weekends then you can buy a 12-volt system; otherwise, you would need 24 or 36-volt system.

#3. Shaft length to know how to choose the right trolling motor:

 Longer the boat, longer the shaft is required. You have to measure the distance from the top of the bow or transom to the waterline, add 18 inches and then you will get the proper shaft length that the trolling motor would require depending on the size of your boat.

#4. Bow or Transom trolling motor:

Trolling motors can be available either as bow mounts that will be installed on the front of your boat or as transom mounts that are installed on the rear of the boat. Bow mounted- trolling motor helps in providing greater manoeuvrability and is more suited for larger boats. Transom-mounted trolling motor provides less control but can fit on any boat. You must know the difference to learn about how to choose the right trolling motor.

Pro-tip to pick between the two types: If your boat’s length is about 14 feet or more, then buy a bow-mounted trolling motor. If you own a smaller boat like a canoe or kayak, then use a transom mount.

#5. Hand and foot-controlled motors:

This is another factor that depends on your personal preference whether you want to operate your trolling motor using your hands or your feet. Hand-controlled motors are basic type offering precise throttle and steering. The foot-controlled trolling motors, on the other hand, are the fancier type and help in keeping your hands free which can be helpful if you are constantly moving around your deck and casting from your bow. Foot-controlled motors are more expensive compared to the other alternative. Based on your personal choice, you can buy the relevant motor while deciding how to choose the right trolling motor.

You can follow the video on deciding how to choose the right trolling motor as it would provide you with all the necessary information about trolling motors. The link to the video is

Video: How to Choose a Trolling Motor

Selecting the right motor will require some work but you will make an informed decision with the information provided here and this is important as you will enjoy fishing better and you can do it more efficiently. You will be pleased with the performance of your chosen trolling motor on the water if you follow the guide on how to choose the right trolling motor.

How to Choose the Right Trolling Motor
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