How to choose the lightweight camping chair

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Having a camping chair is essential for enjoying your hiking trip or camping season on a riverside or in the jungle. But the fact is that not all kinds of chairs are suitable for carrying along in a car or for camping.

For sure, you will need to find a lightweight, easy to carry, portable camping chair that is easy to fold and takes lesser space in storage so that you can keep multiple chairs for your fellow members and family. You should know how to choose the lightweight camping chair by considering the basic and most important features so that you can compare the various options and choose the ones that have the most desired features.

As mentioned above, portability and easy usage are some of the important things to consider, but there are many other things you need to compare in order to match your needs and in order to find the best lightweight camping chair for your use, you may need to follow the following steps:

You must know which type of camping chair you have been looking for. You can find chairs in the following categories:

  • Camp stools
  • Scoop camping chairs
  • Two-legged camping chairs
  • Low camping chairs
  • Three-legged camping chair
  • Classic camping chair
  • Rocker camping chair
  • Suspended camp chairs

#2, Make sure you know the size and weight of the chair

Mostly, the camping chairs are made lightweight to make sure the users may not have to struggle with the weight of the chair so that it is easy to carry wherever it is needed. To select a lightweight chair make sure to check on the product weight so that you know it’s the one you desired.

The chairs with a foldable design, backpacking chair, and classic camping chair are made up of lightweight yet sturdy plastic frame, or lightweight metal frame mostly made of aluminum or hollow metal pipes for reduced weight and the seat is made up of lightweight yet sturdy waterproof fabric. This sort of materials assures the chair would not be weighing more than a backpack.

Size of the chair is important and you must look for the size that suits and may easily accommodate the user according to his or her height.

#3, Look for its folding and setup time and ease of use

In addition to the lightweight materials and suitable design, you need to be sure you can use the chair effortlessly and would not be finding numerous troubles when using it. For this purpose look for the foldable chairs which do not take much time to get ready for use or if there is any setup involved most of the specialized chairs come with a few steps set up for user convenience.

On average a camping chair takes more or less 1-5 minutes to be ready for use. Foldable chairs only take one step installation that takes 1 minute to get ready for use.

#4, Stability and sturdiness

Sometimes people think that when they are buying a lightweight camping chair they should expect flimsy chairs. But this is not the case when you are buying a specially designed camping chair. These chairs are made to perform well to keep the user safe and relaxed. The chairs offer the weight capacity around 250-350lbs or some have a capacity around 450-500lbs.

Look for the chair that would be stable on the kind of ground surface where you will be using them. For rocky, uneven surfaces you can find the camping chairs with sturdy legs and stable foot knobs so that they would not slip off the ground or may not dig into the soft muddy ground.

#5, Comfort and ease

The comfortable seat on the chair is a feature that should not be ignored at all. You can find soft, waterproof fabric with lightweight padding to make sure you will be enjoying a comfortable sitting experience on your campsite.

#6, Other features

best lightweight camping chair

If you need some extra benefits, make sure you choose the chair which comes with a fabric that withstands the weather conditions, is waterproof and may not show wear and tear issues with time.

Some chairs may offer pockets and cup holders for the users to make sure they feel like they are sitting in an outdoor lounge.

If you need such additional features do not forget to check if there are the desired features you are looking for.

After comparing all these important aspects, you can be sure to find the best possible lightweight camping chair that will keep serving the way you need. A good camping chair would not be a hassle for you to carry it along in your car or in a backpack so that you can sit anywhere you like to enjoy while camping with your family and friends.

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