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Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a great means to catch waves or to relax on a lake. It can be used to accomplish workout so that there will be great physical fitness as well. you should choose the right board so that it will serve the purpose very efficiently and you can make the most of your investment.

You should be aware of different types of SUPs available in the market. You should be aware of the features including the hull type, the difference between solid and inflatable, volume & weight capacity and length, width and thickness.

Inflatable SUPs

#1, Features

As you go through the ‘how to choose inflatable sup?’ information, you will come across various kinds of SUP hull types. The performance of the board in the water is determined by the hull or the body. Most of the SUPs come with either planning hull or displacement hull. You can also go for a hybrid design which has the combined features of planning hull and displacement hull.

The planing hull is similar to a surfboard and it will be flat and wide. It can move on water very easily as the user will be able to do various kinds of maneuvers very easily. The planning hull type is ideal for whitewater, surfing, yoga and leisure paddling.

If you are planning for a fitness paddling, you can go for a displacement hull. The displacement hull is ideal to achieve great speed and efficiency. You can use it for racing and camping as well.

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#2, Inflatable SUPs

There will be great stability and performance with solid SUPs. However, you should want to go for inflatable SUPs to overcome the drawbacks associated with solid SUPs.

If the storage space is limited, you can opt for inflatable SUP. When you are on a road trip, you can include an inflatable SUP in your storage bag. It can be checked while hopping a plane very easily. The inflatable SUP can be carried very easily with the straps provided with the storage bag.

It is a great option for paddling whitewater. The inflatable SUP can move rocks and bumpy areas very easily. It delivers better performance than a solid board. You will be able to apply comfortable yoga poses on an inflatable SUP as it offers a soft surface.

The best inflatable sup for surfing can be managed very easily. It will not occupy space in condo or apartment. It can be used for paddling whitewater and for hiking as well.

#3, Volume and Weight

How to choose the best SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

The paddle board’s ability to float will be mentioned in liters. It will give you an idea of the weight-bearing capacity of the SUP. If the volume of the board is high, the weight-bearing capacity will also increase. The selection of inflatable SUP can be done based on the rider weight.

 If you are carrying any gear, you should include their weight. You might want to carry water, food and various accessories to enhance your surfing performance.

You should pay attention to volume and weight of SUP while finding answers for ‘how to choose inflatable sup?’

The board should displace water as per your body weight and weight of the gear. If you are well supported on the board, there will be fine movement. A stable board will travel through the water very easily. The length, width, and thickness will be influenced by volume and weight capacity.

The volume and weight capacity are related to the hull type as well. There will be a very good performance with planning hull as long as you maintain the correct volume and weight capacity. Your body weight should not be too high or too low so that there will be better riding conditions.

If the weight is higher than the design parameter, there will be a slow movement. On the other hand, the board will not sink sufficient enough in water and you will feel heavy when the weight is lower than the designated capacity.

#4, Length and Width

best inflatable sup for surfing

There are SUP boards available in three different spans. The length of short boards will be less than 10 feet. They are ideal for surfing and kids can manage them very easily.

With the help of medium-sized SUP, you can manage various kinds of activities. It is ideal for yoga and the length of the board will be in between 10 and 12 feet.

If you go for SUP boards of long size (from 12 feet to 16 feet), there will be fast paddling. It is a great means for long-distance touring. Most of the long boards are designed with displacement-hull SUPs.

As you go for the selection of a SUP, you should understand the relation between the length of the board and the weight & volume capacity. With a longer board, there will be a great increase in volume and capacity.

The width of the paddling should be in tune with your body type. You should also consider the SUP based on the activity. You should pay attention to the length and width of the board while going through the ‘how to choose inflatable sup?’ resource. If the width of the board is high, the SUP will ride slow.

#5, Thickness

The floating ability is based on the thickness of the SUP. The thickness of the inflatable SUP should be at least 6 inches so that there will be a great support and feel. Inflatable SUPs are thicker and lighter so that you can surf easily. There will be the great convenience in transporting them.

#6, Conclusion

There are certain benefits associated with inflatable SUPs. You can transport them very easily. As they are made of durable materials, the life of the product will be very high. They are inexpensive and you can store them easily.You can inflate SUP in just five minutes and you will hit the water to undertake your favorite activity!
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