How to Choose and Buy a Crankbait Rod

How to Choose and Buy a Crankbait Rod

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Anglers, fishermen, crankbait users, all they need is a perfect blend of gadgets, tools, and skills to catch up with the kind of fish they want to target in a given area. One of the many common concerns they have in their mind is how to choose and buy a crankbait rod and which of the best rod action for crankbaits would be helpful for them to use and enjoy the fishing game.

There could be multiple factors that would be necessary for the crankbait users to look at when choosing the crankbait rods. These factors are usually regarding the structure and performance based and you can easily judge them while comparing the rods for buying the one you need.

Here we’ll throw some light on some of the most crucial things that play an important role in making the crankbait rod perfect for use:

The materials of the crankbait rod matter a lot as their flexibility, their strength and durability depend on the kind of material with which they are made of. So, you may find different materials used in various fishing rods. The most commonly used materials are graphite and fiberglass. Fiberglass rods are heavier, have lesser sensitivity and may be slower.

Though anglers would love to use they lack some of the features you can find in graphite rods. The graphite rods are lightweight, are more sensitive to the force and action applied to the rod and are a bit faster. In addition to that, there are rods which are made with certain composite materials and offer moderate action and throw.

#2, The rod length:

The rod length is one of the main features that determine the way the crankbait rods would perform. The length of the rod may range from 6-8 feet long. Longer rods have a farther throw and shorter rods are suitable for targeting closer area.

Longer rods make sure to cast the bait at a longer distance and reach deeper. Whereas the shorter length rods play accurate and help anglers deal better.

#3, The Rod Power:

The rod power refers to the amount of power that is enough to flex the crankbait rod that you are using. It may also depend on the weight of the lure and the kind of line that you are going to use.

Make sure to match these things together to work better with the whole action. The rod power may be ranged from ultra-light to extra heavy.

#4, The Rod Action:

The rod action is determined by knowing the point at which it flexes when it is acted on. The rods may have flex points from a few centimeters behind the tip end and may reach up to its approximate middle point. The ones that flex in the middle would be medium to moderate The rods that flex right behind the tip is considered to be the fastest rod, and offer accurate casting closer to the area that is your target.

You may also find the ones having fast, medium to moderate and slow action rods. The more the flex point is closer to the butt of the rod the slower would be the action, when power is applied.

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#5, Other Important Things:

Other important things that may affect the type of crankbait rod you need could be as follows:

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    Lure weight
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    Line strength
In case if you choose high power rods while you are going to use lightweight lures you are going to have issues while fishing. Make sure to look if you could choose heavier lure if you have high power rod.

The heavier lures reach deeper into the water whereas lightweight lures are good for shallow water fishing. So you can match the kind of rod, the lure and the kind of fishing conditions to get the most out of your efforts.
In addition to that line, strength is also important to consider to match the action of the rod for better results.

You may choose from a range of line strength options as the lighter line is meant to be thrown farther and go deeper whereas the heavier is better for closer throw and more fighting capability.
Choosing a crankbait rod is the best way to make sure you enjoy the fishing game and catch up with most target fish species that you want. Though most people hesitate to find and compare most basic features of the crankbait rod it is necessary.

In case if there are some issues finding the relevant information to compare, you may inspect the various kinds on your own and check upon the flexibility, strength, and length of the rods to make sure you choose it wisely. There are manufacturers who state the basic features and the required values along with the rods so that you may know the crankbait rod capabilities beforehand.
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