How to Catfish Rig?


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There are various kinds of fishing knots a catfish angler should know so that the fish can be caught very easily. You should be familiar with at least four knots by which most of the mish can be caught. If you tie the swivel to the leader, you will manage Palomar knot.

The knot can be tied very easily and it is also one of the strongest knots that you can manage in the shortest possible time. If you would like to tie a terminal tackle, you can go for Trilene knot. It is a strong knot and it can be tied very easily.

You can attach circle hooks to leaders with the help of easy snell knot. It is a very simple method and you can accomplish a strong knot. You can add leaders to catfish rigs with the help of dropper loop.


If you are using a circle hook, you should not bury the hook. The bait should be hooked very lightly so that the barb, as well as point, will not be exposed.

You can slide an egg sinker or sliding sinker on the main line. The fishing line should go as per your feel. You can slide the bead or sinker bumper on the main line to produce the right knot. All anglers of various experience levels would like to go for the most appropriate rig as per their needs.

#2, How to catfish rig?

You should manage the most appropriate rig as per the situation. As a matter of fact, catfish are simple creatures. If you can put a good bait, you can catch the fish very easily.

The bait should be kept at the right time and you should choose the right bit as well. By using the simplest rig, you can hold the bait at a location where cats are present. The rig should contain a minimum number of components so that the failure rate can be decreased. The knots will not break and the weight will not be an issue in handling the fish.

If you go for tied rigs, they can be cast farther. They will not tangle very easily so that you can catch fish without any issues. You will not want to go for complex rigs and it is possible to manage top crankbaits for bass without any issues.

#3, Three-Way Rig

The weight and bait will be distributed in a very efficient way when you go for the three-way rig. The mainline should be tied to one eye of the 3-way swivel so that the rig can be performed very easily.

For the second eye, you can attach a piece of line (12 to 18 inches) and 0.5 to 2-ounce donut sinker. You can tie another 2 to 4-foot piece of line to another eye. The three-way rig will separate the bait from the weight so that the rig will move in the current without any difficulty.

#4, Carolina Rig

The fish will not feel the weight when you go for the Carolina rig. It is one of the most successfully used rigs by bass anglers. You should slide 0.5 to 2-ounce bell or casting sinker (similar to Mudville castmaster no roll) and it should be tied on a swivel which can prevent the sinker from passing over it.

The big cat can pick up the rig and it will swim without feeling the weight. If the fish are finicky, you should go for Carolina rig.

#5, Floating Rig

Floating rig

As catfish will go through the bottom portion where the mud concentration is high, you should choose the location very carefully. If there is the soft bottom, it is not possible to use a traditional rig as it will sink very easily. 

The bait will not go down by using the floating rig. You can attract cats which are curious to watch the bait. You can add inline cigar float (1 or 2 inches) to the Carolina rig and you can catch cats very easily.

#6, Fishing Bait

You should use the right bait and the rig as per the location of fishing and the type of fish that you catch. You will be very successful if you go for the right catfish bait as per your needs. You can try various kinds of techniques with the existing catfish rig so that the fish can be caught without any issues.

Most of the catfish are very much fond of crawfish. Even though chicken livers are used to catch fish in a very efficient manner, you can go for crawfish as well so that the catfish can be caught very easily. Crawfish can be used as baits in creeks and small rivers.

You should add a float above the weight on a slip-sinker rig. The rig should be used to drift bait sluggishly through the sports where catfish are present. You should snag on the bottom or should not use in cover. The water from the bank will be covered when you drift the float.

#7, Catching Fish at Different Locations

How to catfish rig?

You can use treble hooks of appropriate sizes for catfish. The size varies from 2 to 8 in steps of 2. If the number is small, you can go for the larger hook. You should understand the fact that the number 2 hook is much larger than number 8 hook.

If you fish catch from the bank of a lake, you can use simple bell-sinker. You can use a 2 to 4-ounce bell sinker which will slide very slowly on the line. You can also try shad chunks for bait. You can cast the rig toward the dam in the groove when the water will be slack. If the rig sinks and remains in the water for about 15 minutes, you will be able to catch fish very easily.

While catching fish, you should not strike the fish. You should let the fish fall prey to the bait and the fish can be caught very easily. You should apply slow and steady pressure after the fish takes the bait into its mouth.

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How to Catfish Rig?
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