A Beginner’s Guide on How to Catch a Trout?

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Just like crappie and many panfishes, this one is also a native to North America. It is very popular for fishing. Trout is actually a fighter when it comes to survival so keep in mind while fishing it to avoid any surprises. Moreover, trout fishes are popular because of their taste. They are very delicious which makes them even more popular and a suitable fish for fishing.

If you want to find a large number of trout fishes, then you can go to the west coast where they can be found in abundance.

#1, Where can you Find Them?

These are cold water creatures so you have more chances of catching them during the winters when they come near the surface. Moreover, they like to swim in running water, but they can also be found in still lakes and rivers making it easier to catch them. Another thing about these fish is that they are also used as an exhibition or in simple words decoration purposes.

People just catch them and put them in a pond or a small water body. Trout is the common food of bears as these fish contribute to feeding a major part of the wildlife. If the river is moving then there is a high chance that these fish also move with them. This makes it challenging for the anglers which makes it more like a game for them to catch these fish.

The best part about these fish is that when they go deep into the water, their size increases. This makes it hard to catch them but once you do, it can become a great achievement. Once these trouts gain size, they start to eat small fishes in the ocean or a river. They are known to become strong and also known for attacking the beds of salmons during the spawning season just to feed. Salmon eggs are one of the most popular parts of their diet, which you can use to your own advantage.

#2, What Equipments to Use?

Usually, a lightweight rod works great when it comes to catching trout because they can grow up to a maximum size of 12 inches which shouldn’t be a problem while fishing.The fishing rig for trout should always have a spinning reel and an action rod. Other than that, it should have a fluorocarbon line of at least 5 pounds.

Now it is time to know about some essentials. There are stocked trout and there is the big trout. For catching the stocked trout, use the power bait. But this does not work with the natives. For stocked trout, power bait is a common thing. But for the natives, it is something that they have no idea about. So, if you are going to fish native trout then don’t expect power bait which is just a sole imitation of the actual bait to work. Moreover, if you are looking for bigger trout, try to use small fishes or shrimps as a bait.

#3, How to Catch Trout

Get your equipment right. As we talked before that equipment plays a vital role in catching trout. You can easily find the right equipment in the market to make a list of the things you need before going shopping.

Once you get your equipment right, find the right place. A river is the best spot to catch trout. Usually, moving rivers have an abundance of trout in them. This makes it a little easy to for you to fish, but try to use the right bait in order to lure the trout.

Don’t’ ever forget about rigging your tackle. Tie a barrel swivel with the help of a clinch knot.

Now choose the bait. For small rivers, try to use small sized baits like worms and corn kernels. A lighter bait can be beneficial in catching trout in small rivers so take care of that while going for fishing.

According to this trick, try to cast a little upstream. Doing so can help your bait in drifting with the current which looks much more natural. If you want to avoid being seen by the fishes, go a little downstream and try to cast upstream This is a very effective way.Always remember that wait for at least 15-20 minutes of catching another fish once you catch one. This strategy can help you in catching more trout without any inconvenience.

Weather also has something to do with you catching your fish. Make sure that the weather is nice and clear and there is no rain. If there has been raining, you can have a chance to catch more and more trout as the worms get drifted into the water. The same thing happens with other small insects in harsh weather conditions. So, if there is a lot of bait in the river, this can make it easy for you to do the fishing.

Before doing fishing, take a look at the whole scenario and do a quick scan of the place where you are going to do some fishing and once you do that, come back with your stuff and prepare yourself for some action.

Once you hook your bait and cast it away, let your bait get drifted with the water current. You have to be very patient because it can get tricky to identify whether the bait is being swallowed by the trout or if it just hit a rock on its way. So, try to be as patient as possible and keep an eye on the tip of the rod.

Once the trout get hooked, the tip of the rod will bend constantly. This means that the fish is trying to resist. So, in this case, keep the tip above your head and slowly reel in. Don’t let the fish unhook it or else all your effort will become worthless. Once you take the fish out of the water, take out your net and scoop the trout into it.

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