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Redfish is one of the most popular fish in terms of fishing. Every year, hundreds of people volunteer themselves in order to catch the biggest redfish of their life. Redfish can be found anywhere from 10-12 pounds to 90 pounds. Among the anglers, they are the most famous fish. The taste of the fish is quite astounding, but they come under the protected fishes.

The other features of this fish include its strength and its stamina. Also, it is known to run pretty fast.

If you are looking forward to catching a redfish yourself, then I would suggest that you follow this guide as it can provide you with the relevant information that you want.

There’s something you need to know about the redfish that these fish are always looking for food. So if there is food in the water no matter how cold, warm, muddy, deep, shallow or clear it is, these fish will live there. They are really good at adjusting to their environment which makes them highly adaptable to the foreign surroundings.

Catching a redfish is a challenge. It might sound weird, but it is easy to catch them in deep water, but in shallow water, things can get a little tricky and their favor. Since a large amount of food is available in the shallow water, they tend to live there.

If you are fishing a redfish, know that it is very easy to scare them away. Your one wrong move can ruin your whole day’s struggle. So try not to attract too much attention. And be as quiet as possible.

When talking about the food, the redfish feed on whatever the tide brings for them. It can include anything from small crabs to shrimps. This is what you can use to your advantage. You can set bait of small crabs or shrimps to catch them.

Gear Needed

What lures to use for redfish

The gear depends upon the situation. You have to decide where you are going to do the fishing and also the size of the fish you are looking for. All this contributed to deciding the right tackle for you.

The rigs of the redfish aren’t something you need to do brainstorming on. Try to make a simple setup as you want. And the most suitable example of it is the free line setup. It is as simple as tying a hook on a line and that’s it.

You’ll see how effective it is and how many fishes you’ll be able to catch without adding anything to it. A leader is really a great option in this case because of the lack of teeth in the redfish. This means that the redfish won’t be able to bite the bait.

When talking about setups, consider the popping cork. In this setup, 20-40 inches above the hook, you have to place a popping cork. This will help in suspending the bait inside the column of water which will attract the fish with noise and vibrations in the water.

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All these setups are the part of gear that might be needed while fishing a redfish. Another thing that you should know is the temperature. On one hand where the cold temperature can become a barrier between you and the redfish, on the other hand, the warmer temperature will bring more and more opportunities for you as it is the time when the redfish are most active.

All you have to do is understand their bait and you’ll be able to catch them. During winters, these fishes feed on shrimps and small crabs so make sure you have a bait handy.

How to Catch Redfish

Now to catch a redfish, you’ll need a natural bait rather than the synthetic one. A natural bait will be more efficient. If you want to catch a redfish, try a live bait. A live bait like a mullet or a pinfish works best in attracting a redfish. Moreover, red fishes love shrimps and crabs which are one of the most famous live baits that are used every year to catch thousands of them.

When fishing in shallow water, the popping cork method works best. A live bait is cast into the clear water which attracts the redfish making it easier to catch it.

Video: How to Catch Shallow Water Redfish (Red Drum)

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You can also use the artificial baits in order to catch the popular redfish. Artificial baits like plugs are known to be effective in catching them. The artificial baits can range anywhere from jigs to the plugs.

They can also be used in shallow waters and even in deep water. Since the lures are made in such a way to impersonate or mimic an actual bait, a lot of lures for redfish resembles freshwater bait-fishes.

There are a lot of plastic ones available in the market like plastic tails that attract the redfish so that you can catch them with ease. The weight of these jig heads can vary according to the water current. Moreover, don’t forget that the lighter the lure, the more action you can perform. That’s why I would always suggest a light-weight lure.

But it is all about the preference as many anglers prefer different lures according to their preference and the fun fact is, all of them have worked till now without any kind of trouble. So, choose the one you think is best for you.


To make this easy for you, I would suggest that you should always choose the lure that best imitates the bait that is readily available to them every day or something that they feed on.

Because fishes eating what you give them is not something that can happen every time. So, it’d be best to be patient in these scenarios and wait for the right moment.

There is a wide array of baits readily available and highly effective when it comes to catching a redfish. So, the next time this question comes to your mind How to catch a redfish?. Make sure you keep these things in your mind.

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Catch a Redfish?
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