How to Call in a Doe?

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One of the most important things that you have to know while hunting for a deer in the jungle is the trick for how to call in a doe. While many people think that it is extremely complicated and a natural expertise is needed to learn to how to call in a doe, trust us when we say that with a proper tutorial and dedication on your part you can learn very quickly how to call in a doe while hunting for a deer. So just sit back and relax as we explain to you step by step how to master the art of calling a deer and make your hunting trips more successful.

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Knowing how to call in a doe will help you to attract the deer to your location so that you can target it easily. For learning how to call in a doe, you must have the right gears you need for the purpose and must know when to use what. Generally, a deer produces three types of sounds, a grunt, a snort-wheeze and a bleat.

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    Bleat can: Obviously, as the name suggests the can is used to produce blest noises during deer hunting. They sound somewhat similar to cow’s mooing. Generally, it is the mode of communication used by young deer or by adult females. The process of making a bleating noise is pretty simple; just flip it over to make the noise you require. Bleat cans are easily available at all hunting stores near you.
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    Grunt tube: Just blow it gently into the grunt tube to make the grunt sound you want to produce while gripping the end of the tube with your palm and pressing your lower lip against it. Grunts are produced by deers to challenge each other. There is the difference in pitches of the grunt produced by deers of different ages and are typically made 2-3 times in a row.
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    Artificial or authentic deer antlers: Rattling the horns or the antlers, both artificial and real can produce the sound similar to the one deers make while they lock their antlers during the mating season. Making this sound will attract deers towards you.

Producing the snort-wheeze does not require any instruments. You can do it without any apparatus. To produce a snort-wheeze, just close your teeth together and pull together your lips. While holding your mouth in that position, exhale 3 short breaths in a row.

Making the sounds are pretty easy and can be made easily with the right tools, what is the most complicated part to know how to call in a doe is knowing when to make the sounds and the dos and don’ts of the procedure.

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A, Before you learn how to call in a doe, learn how to climb a tree: Learn how to climb a tree while hunting. Not only it will help you to hide yourself from the deers but in many cases, it may also save your life from ferocious animals that also live in the same jungle. Make the deer calls from the top of the tree that will spread the noise to great distances in the forests and will prevent the chances of you being spotted by the deer. They are very timid and careful animals by nature; once they spot you; no longer will you be able to attract them towards you with all the calls.

calling deer with fawn distress

#B, Do not make the noise if the deer is very near:

Make sure that you stop making the noise when they have arrived in close range to you. Because if they look at you by chance and see the source of the sound, they will flee immediately from that place. There are also high chances that they will know that the sound is unnatural and different when they are nearer.

how to call in a doe whitetail

#C, Bleat and grunt for 2-4 times:

Use the bleat can to produce the sound of an adult female who is ready to mate by flipping the can 2-4 times. Blow into the bleat for 2-4 times to make the sound of a deer grunting. The sounds may differ slightly in pitch and pattern based on the fact that the time of the year is the mating season or not. Repeat this blow and grunt sounds in every 20-30 minutes.

doe in estrus call sequence

#D, Snort-wheeze for more than 600 feet:

If you are guessing that the deer is more than 600 ft. or 200 yds. away from you, they probably will not be able to hear the grunts and bleats. A snort-wheeze works well in that situation.

Hope you enjoyed our tutorial about how to call in a doe and have come to know all that you needed to learn about deer calls.

fawn bleat call sound

Happy hunting!

Video: Deer Calling - Doe & Fawn Bleats

Video Credit:  The Deer Society

How to Call in a Doe?
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