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This is a product that has been described as one that has taken the kayak fishing to greater heights when it comes to comfort, versatility and above all, stability. The Lure 13.5 features a larger deck that when compounded with the wide open standing platform results in not only an incredible stability but also enough room for the angler to move around the kayak.

 The kayak has also been designed with a multi-use console position feature that comes just behind the bow hatch. Together with a removable sonar pod, electronic installation becomes a breeze.

Feelfree Lure 13.5 Review

Editor Rating:

  • Comes with a wheel features in the keel for efficient transportation
  • Multi-use front console that features a cutting board that has a sonar pod and an insulated lid
  • Integrated stern, bow and side carry handles.
  • Track system for outfitting options
  • Two fishing rod holders for stability and smoother sailing

#2, Product Specification

  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • 95 pounds weight
  • 36-inch width
  • 13.5 feet length
  • 37.5-inch leg room to peg
  • 44-inch total leg room space
  • Sit on Top kayak type
  • Single paddler kayak style
  • Polyethylene material construction

#3, Construction

The Lure 13.5 features a catamaran hall whose design spreads the volume away from the kayak’s keel thus increasing the primary stability. This enables you to walk out of the kayak or even move around with a lot of ease.

The gears are kept dry by the bow hatch which features locking latches and behind the bow, the hatch is installed an insulated compartment to hold your day’s catch, cold drinks or gear that you would want to easily access.

In general, the product features a very solid construction and though heavy, the Wheel-in-the Kneel provision makes it easier to move the boat to the launch than you had anticipated.

The designer pumped this product with some thoughtful features that include the sonar pod and the front hatch among others. The sonar pod is meant to make it easier to add a fish finder, as it can be installed or detached within just a minute.

The kayak features a hatch up front that is insulated for durability but with a cool appearance also in mind. It measures 17 inches by 15.5 inches and is 5 inches deep. The diagonal measurement is 18 inches. This is good enough space to keep small to medium sized fish species such as the speck, bluegill, and sheepshead. Though already durable and with good ice retention capabilities, you can still boost the ice retention by adding additional insulation.

Out of the box, the front hatch doesn’t leak regardless of whatever pressure the hose subjects it to. And for easier draining and cleanup after baiting, the insulated hatch comes with a drain out feature you will love.

#4, The Seat

It comes with a comfortable, great and adjustable seat with the only downside to some people being the back rest which could have been made a little bit higher. If you adjust the seat regularly, adjustments are a bit easy. However, if you will take weeks or months to adjust, the adjustment may become a bit tricky. What do you expect with the water and humid environment anyway?

#5, Performance

The construction and comfort of the kayak are all factors that play a big role when it comes to the kayak sailing performance. Other than the heavy construction that makes it difficult to transport to your desired site, it is a responsive kayak. The hull glides well during paddling with the weight being a real concern. If you plan to go for some distance with the kayak, consider having an optional rudder. And when it comes to speed, it is comfortable ok but be sure of winning no race with it.

#6, Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Speed:

    It is obvious that one of the most important things that people are looking for in kayaks is the speed. Though not the fastest, this product is very fast when you compare it to its size and features. I can describe its speed as being comfortably fast as it isn’t very slow. With a nice steady glide, you will find it easy to get moving with the kayak.
  • Capacity:

    With a 500-pound weight capacity, two 250 pound persons can get into work with this kayak. You may ask me if two people have already taken the weight capacity, what about the fish etc and I will respond, you rarely find two such people doing kayaking together. Most of the big guys will occasionally go fishing and most cases, they do it alone. The baseline is that it comes with an impressive weight capacity.
  • Stability:

    Let a 250-pound guy try climbing your kayak and it will roll. The Feelfree Lure 13.5 on the other side is great in stability as such a heavy person can with confidence get into the kayak to do virtually anything without interfering with the “comfort” of the kayak.
  • Comfort:

    The seat is a great one as it is without any problems. You can decide to do side sit saddling while allowing tour feet to dangle thus relaxing as you saddle through the waters. And due to the fact that the seat can be adjusted to your recline and incline of choice, maximum comfort is always guaranteed.


  • The speed may not be what you are looking for in a fishing kayak. It isn’t the fastest and it is also heavy at 95 pounds
  • Seat adjustment isn’t that easy. You need a wrench and at times lubricants for adjustability to be possible
Customer Reviews

#7, In Review

All we can say about this fishing kayak is that it is a nice and comfortable fishing accessory that offers a very dry ride. Its stability and nice features are meant to make the angler to have great fishing results in the waters. As long as you are prepared to spend a little longer paddling times and you have factored in how you will transport your kayak to the waters, this is probably the best fishing kayak you can get in the stores.

Though you may have to look for the weight capacity to keep you away from any kind of issues. To make sure you have the fishing kayak, you should not miss out this one as your preferred choice and keep it with you for your fishing adventure.

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Feelfree Lure 13.5 Kayak Review
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