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The carbon express crossbow reviews have always been in the limelight due to the immense liking of the archery game. It is an expensive sport, primarily because of the crossbow which is a modern equipment, coming with a lot of features to watch out for. The hunters are dependent on the design and productivity of the crossbow equipment in order to excel and enhance their skill over the sport.

For a newbie, there is a need for a lot of research to be done in order to have the best product in hand. You are at the right place for knowing the Carbon Express X-Force Pile-driver, inside-out.

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#1, Important Features:

This is an advanced level crossbow which may also be used by amateur hunters, once they understand all the key features of this equipment. The following are the major features which will give you a complete understanding of the productivity of this crossbow:

#2, Design

The design highlights include its extremely light weight of around 7 pounds and have a very slimline and compact stock design. The design is further enhanced with a completely equipped rail of aluminum material which adds to the longevity and usability of the product.

#3, The Rail System

The rail system of aluminum material is modernized to support a variety of required accessory mounting. The unit is facilitated with 10 inches of the rail system for having this done in the most suitable manner.

#4, Operational Excellence

There is a large size step-thru stirrup which offers ease in using the crossbow. There is a sound lessening rubber stirrup (1-piece) which offers quiet operation.

#5, Speed

The bolts release through the crossbow is immensely accurate and at fast speed. The crossbow has the capability of releasing bolts at an incredible speed of 390 fps. On top of that, the precision is guaranteed with this speed to hit with accuracy at a distance of 142 feet-pound of the kinetic energy.

#6, Scope

This crossbow powerhouse comes with a 4 x 32 deluxe scope which enhances accuracy and ease in aiming the target, much to the delight of the shooter.

#7, Adjustability

The stock of the unit is fully adjustable and this promotes custom fit for different shooters. This allows the shooter to optimize the length of the pull within the range of 14 to 6 inches along with the cheek rest that is integrated.

#8, The Safety Features

The product has a metallic trigger which promotes the safety of the shooter. The mechanism of anti-dry-fire is inculcated inside the product for safety enhancements and avoids any mishap in the archery field. Moreover, the manufacturer helped with the design to provide safety feature on an equal basis for both left and right-hand shooters.

#9, Accessories

The entire kit of this high-end crossbow comes with a variety of accessories and useful tools as follows:
  • 1
    Crank Rope Cocker
  • 2
    3 x Arrows Quiver
  • 3
    3 x Practice Points
  • 4
    3 x Pile-driver with cross-bolts of 20 inches
  • 5
    Lubricant required for rail
  • 6
    1-year exclusive warranty is offered for complete protection of your investment.
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Editor R​ating:

  • On average, the product is found to be 5 percent lighter than the competitive products having a similar appeal and price range.
  • The product comes with a quiet crank cocker which is an ideal inclusion for reducing the cocking effort by as much as 90 percent.
  • The shooter will be amazed at the facilitation of its fast detachable quiver with 3 arrows.
  • check
    The 4 x 32 deluxe scope of the equipment is of high quality and found to be water resistant, fog proof, and shockproof as well. This makes it ideal to be used in varying outdoor conditions.
  • check
    The crank of this tool is excellent, especially when you have the older people or kids shooting as it is safe, comfortable and quiet.
  • check
    The performance of this crossbow at 60 yards is precise as confirmed by the maximum number of users who have already used this product.
  • check
    The bolts used are 20 inches long which offer sufficient performance.
  •  The limbs of the unit are not that supportive and are found at times in split.
  • Assembly instructions for the product in the user manual are found to be incorrect and that makes the assembly job a lot difficult.

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The carbon express crossbow reviews which are well researched like this one would make your decision a lot quicker and wiser about purchasing this product. As per the experience of the existing users and the features offered by this product, you will rarely find a product in this price range offering 390 fps, which is phenomenal.

This is liked by many for its immensely ideal safety features which keeps you harm-free in the shooting range. On top of that, the 4 x 32 scope is the highlight of this product which helps the user to target the prey accurately without missing a single shot. You may have to compare the features to your hunting needs so that you may decide better.

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Carbon Express Crossbow Reviews
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