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Have you ever heard about attractants, deer lures and whitetail deer scent that attract bucks to your hunting area? Buck bomb attractants are some of the best-known forms that are used as scents to attract whitetails bucks to the nearby grounds. As per buck bomb reviews, you might notice that some people share their experiences for using these scents in an effective manner.

It for sure that not all deer are attracted by these scents or we can say not all kinds of scents attract major kinds of bucks in one go. You have to choose the scent, the time when you use it, the space and the kind of deer you will be targeting.

These are also used as a cover to hide human scent so that the bucks would not hesitate to come around.

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Here in the following paragraphs, we’ll be discussing the Buck bomb that can be availed in variation like Ambush, Doe P, Doe in Estrus and Dominant Buck.

All these variations offer different smells using the urine as an attractant smell for particular bucks around the area. As for example, the Dominant Buck is used to attract the whitetails because the urine in this scent is of whitetails so they will be coming to find another of the same kind.

Buck Bomb 6.65 oz

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How to Use the Buck Bomb Effectively?

Using the buck bomb to lure whitetails is possible if you are using the Dominant buck scent. This one comprises of whitetail urine so it works great as an attractant. In order to use it effectively you have to take care of the following things for better results:

  • Make sure to use the spray all in one go so that to produce enough scent in the target area to attract more bucks.
  • Make sure to use the scent in the area where there is a higher probability the bucks will come.
  • Choose the right season to attract them like in November in pre-rut and rut season to attract aggressive males.
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    Place the scent in a way that spread over the area and offer enough coverage to reach out more deer around it.
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    Choose a day when the air flow is least and no chances of rainfall are there to assure long lasting smell.
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    Track down the trail where the scent spread out and you may find a perfect target sooner.

Precautions for Using the Buck Bomb

The buck bomb would work if you take care of the following things and make sure to use it the way it can cast all its useful effects:

  • Don’t use on a rainy or windy day as it will get wasted.
  • The buck doe dominant buck works for whitetails only

Important Features

Some of the major specs and features you would be able to find in the Dominant buck from the Buck Doe range are as below:

  • The content of the spray includes 6.65 oz. 100 percent whitetail urine that can be sprayed in one go.
  • This is one and done attractant spray that works perfectly when used appropriately.
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    The can comes with a 3-year shelf life.
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    The can is wind and UV proof so the quality of the scent is maintained as original.
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    Great dispersing power using the atomizing nozzle that makes 3000 micro-droplets with 1 drop of the scent ensuring perfect mist to reach the target’s nasal cavities.
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    The scent gets attached to the surrounding objects that set up a perfect trail to the source

Perks of Using the Scent for Hunting Bucks

Some of the benefits you should know about using the buck-doe dominant buck scent as an attractant:

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    It works as an attractant for bucks
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    Strong smell to attract buck easily
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    It may also work as a cover to hide human scent
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    Can help in hunting whitetail deer


Though the scent is effective and works fine if used in a directed way, but in case if there are certain environmental changes or lack of proper target, it may show some down points as well:

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    Would not work on all kinds of deer
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    May not work if you use little amount of spray
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    Efficiency is limited if there is rain, fast wind, and other environmental issues

For those who want to hunt down their first whitetail, this Dominant Buck would be a perfect attractant to make use of in the rut when you have a higher probability to spot aggressive male whitetails in the target area. Make sure not to spray along the line where the deer are mostly hidden because of heavy hunting season. Spot some jungle areas where the deer could reach out and may wander casually to search for other deer. In addition to that choosing the right circumstances to assure a perfect shot is necessary so that you can get the most out of this attractant.

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Buck Bomb Reviews
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