Best Water Shoes for Rocky Beaches in 2019

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Need to know why you have to get best water shoes for rocky beaches? Let us help you out in this. Water sports are popular among adventure lookers. The most common adventure people enjoy today include Kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, boating and hiking on rocky beaches. All of these activities bring in a lot of fun as well as there are some challenges you have to face during these sporty adventures. The most basic yet very important things are to have a perfect pair of water shoes that are capable of protecting your feet from getting hurt on rocky beaches and also keep it comfortable dry enough to stay easy.

Now sometimes people may confuse aqua socks, water sandals, and water shoes together and may not be able to understand which features would support your feet the most when walking or hiking on rocky beaches.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll be discussing the features, benefits and some of the best water shoes for rocky beaches along with comprehensive details regarding the choice of such shoes so that you know which the best ones are and why you need them.

Our Top Choices

Chaco Women's Outcross EVO Free Sports Water Shoe
Chaco Women's Outcross EVO Free Sports Water Shoe
SPERRY Men's Flex Deck Water Shoe
SPERRY Men's Flex Deck Water Shoe

For the people who want to enjoy the hiking experience on rocky beaches, it is better to look for the following features in your shoe to make sure your feet will be safe from injuries and you will be able to walk for hours without getting tired:

The Overall Materials

The overall materials with which water shoes are made are important because it will determine its life, its ability to keep the foot safe and the way it manages on the ground. Flexible, sturdy and rugged materials are always good to keep up with the rocky beaches.

Insole and the Outsole Materials

The insole could be made of Neoprene or EVA to provide ultimate comfort and support as well as it helps in providing optimum temperature for the foot to stay comfortable. Whereas the outsole should be made of durable rubber materials that have a full grip on any kind of the ground and can withstand the pointy rocks easily.

The Structure of the Soles

The structure of sole also determines if you will be able to walk on pointed rocks and uneven surfaces or not. Proper arch support, sufficient heel and toe box cradling and the rugged and properly patterned outsole matters a lot.

Fitting and Wearing

Quick and easy to wear shoe is always a preference for water shoes because some shoes are made too fitted to avoid water that they become hard to wear. You may look for the shoe that is easy to wear on.


Durability comes first if you because, for the hikers and beachgoer where there are a lot of pointed rocks, your shoe should be able to bear with the piercing pressure and should be able to keep your feet safe from these rocks.

Waterproofing, Drainage and Repelling Action

There are three main features that make the water shoe special and different from the causal or another hiking shoe that include the use of non-soaking water-repellent fabric or materials, water drainage holes on the shoe and waterproof design that assure your feet will not stay flooded with water. Look for the shoe that allows your feet to stay comfortable, can get dried quickly and drain out water easily.

Weight of the Shoe

Lightweight shoes that do not get heavier after soaking in water are the best ones. This feature helps in keeping you fatigue-free and easy during the hike.

Toe Protection

Toe protection is the key feature if you are looking for a safe and easy walk on rocky beach areas. You may see that good quality water shoe designed for rocky terrains have a rubber guard in front.

Traction and Grip on the Ground

Traction and grip on the ground help the user stay away from slipping off the watery, slimy rocks. High-quality water shoe offer grip on the ground with the help of slip-free sole that keeps your feet safe and comfortable while walking on a wide range of ground surfaces.

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Top 5 Best Water Shoe for Rocky Beaches

For your help and convenience, we have sorted a list of five best options that you can compare quickly and find the best water shoes that match your needs.

#1. Chaco Women's Outcross EVO Free Sports Water Shoe

Chaco women outcross free sports water shoe complies with all the basic standards that we need to look at the best women's water shoes for the beach. The shoe features a synthetic upper consisting of mesh fabric, polyester webbing and synthetic leather combined to give the most comfortable and easy to wear a shoe that comes with bungee laces for snug fitting and speedy lacing. The shoe has an open sidewall design that allows water to get drained quickly and helps in keeping a good ventilation across the shoe for quick drying. The heel and the toe are protected by synthetic rubber. The toe cap ensures your feet will be safe no matter how rocky is the hiking trail and work as the highly suitable, best women’s water shoes for hiking.

The innersole is supported with Luvseat PU and the nylon shank that offers foot stability and also offer a higher level of durability. The outsole is made up of EcoTread rubber having 3mm deep lug for better traction and durability as well.


  • Dry out quickly
  • Easy and quick to wear on
  • Open sidewalls for ventilation
  • Rugged, slip-free outsole
  • Toe box protection
  • Soft and supportive insole
  • Odor free

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#2. NeoSport Wetsuits Paddle Low Top Boots

This NeoSport wetsuits low top boots are great for those who love water sporting. The Neoprene upper ensures comfort and manages an optimum temperature. The durable thread seams are also glued for best protection of the foot. The sole is made up of flexible, and comfortable soft rubber that allows the foot to stay easy on the ground no matter how pointed are the rocks. The tread patterns on the outsole assure grip on the ground and keep the foot stable on watery rocks. 

In addition to the perfect design, the sole is equipped with puncture safety hardened insertion so that the rocks or other pointed objects will not pierce through the shoe sole. For easy wearing, the shoe has an easy hook and loop strap to adjust the shoe closure.


  • Easy to wear
  • Keep feet warm
  • Puncture resistant
  • Durable and comfortable


  • Water drainage is not there

#3. Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

Merrell Men’s all out Blaze Sieve water shoe is perfect to be worn while walking through watery beaches and river banks. The upper is made up of quick dry, water-repellent synthetic materials. The shoe works fine for any kind of rocky beaches and hiking terrains that are hard to manage. The unifly midsole assures that your foot stays in its best posture for easy support and comfort. The outsole offers 3mm deep lug and crack resistant surface that manages rocky beaches very well.


  • Dries out quickly
  • Comfortable and easy to wear on
  • Toe protection and heel support
  • Bungee lacing for quick wear
  • Good tracking and grip on the ground and rocks

#4. Sperry Men's Flex Deck Water Shoe

Sperry men’s Flex Rock deck water shoe works great for fishing enthusiasts and kayakers. The shoe has thick slip resistant outsole made of flexible yet durable rubber to avoid injuries. The upper of the shoe consists of mesh fabric that dries out easily and keeps a sufficient air-flow to make sure the feet doesn’t get slipper inside as well. Bungee straps and quick lock lacing assure quick and easy to wear design. The shaft of the shoe is approximately 2.25 from the arch that keeps the foot active and comfortable during the hike. 

The overall design of the shoe offer higher breathability and offer lightweight construction for easier use. There is also a removable compression EVA Footbed that increases that level of comfort by cradling the foot in its natural posture.

The outsole features Patent Son-R design for an interactive support assuring grip and stability on the ground. The wave sipping design also helps in dispersing the water to avoid slipping on the rocks


  • Easy to use grapnel anchor
  • Four flukes design
  • Foldable for better storage
  • Comes with locked position options to keep it open or folded
  • Galvanized and corrosion resistant
  • Available in 4 different sizes

#5. adidas Outdoor Men's Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe

Adidas Outdoor Men’s Climacool water shoe features some of the most reliable features for beachgoers. The upper is made up of Climacool mesh and synthetic materials that assure breathability and quick dry surface. The EVA tongue keeps the foot fitted in a comfortable manner without exerting pressure. The heel features flexible design to ensure a comfortable and close fit for increased performance. The outsole is slip free and offers safe walk on any kind of surface.


  • Easy to wear and durable
  • Quick dry
  • Comfortable EVA tongue
  • Bungee lacing for snug fit
  • Stretchable heel
  • Toe and heel support for safety

To See the How to Choose Water shoes check out the following video:


As we have discussed here, some of the best water shoes for beach that come up with quick dry materials and rugged outsole for better traction and performance, we can say that Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe is a true winner among these shoes if you are looking for best water shoes for rocky beaches and plan to get into the water. In addition to that, the Chaco Women's Outcross EVO Free Sports Water Shoe turns out to be the appropriate option or ladies who want to enjoy the rocky beach hiking without getting slipped or injured.

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