The Best Red Dot Sight For Ar in 2019

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Red dot sights for AR have become the most preferred aiming essentials for most of the shooters because of the enormous beneficial features of the laser light AR aiming attachments. In the past laser light has been the most accurate way, though red dot sights have replaced such aiming devices mainly because of their higher level performance and accuracy and other features people consider as more helpful and productive.

Red dot sight for AR ensures you will target and hit it with both eye open in a very easy and accurate way. To make sure you get the best out of your red dot sight for AR, you need to find some of the best options which perform well in a wide range of light conditions, set it up accurately and make sure to target actively to get the best results.

Our Top Choices

Burris Fastfire III 300234 3 MOA Sight Picatinny Mount
Burris Fastfire III 300234 3 MOA Sight Picatinny Mount
Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight
Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Choosing the red dot sight for AR means you will need to look for the performance features and for the adjustability and customization aspects with respect to the aiming source you have got as well. The main purpose of the red dot sight is aiming and you may need to know if the selected one could be fixed on the gadget you are going to use for capturing your target accurately.

Here are some of the important things you will be focusing on:

The Reticle

The first thing that is important is to know the kind and color of the reticle. Since a red dot is visible within a wide range of light conditions and it can be spotted easily anywhere within your sight range it is more preferred than the green reticle. In addition to that, the design you see as the reticle depends on the personal preference of the user. You can get a cross, circle, or a simple dot-shaped reticle as per your needs.

The MOA Value

The MOA value that is usually mentioned to describe the size of the reticle that is used in the red dot sight. You can find red dot sight having MOA around 1-4 or more. Basically, if you have a reticle of 1 MOA this will make sure to give the red dot of 1” from the 100-yard distance. This applies to other MOA values as well. As for example if you have 2” MOA it will give 2” dot from the 100-yard distance for aiming correctly.

The Mounting Capability

The mounting capability also matters as if you have gotten the red dot sight for your AR, you should see if it can be easily mounted on the rifle and get detached as well. Some of the options may come up with certain attachment accessories and some may get customized and mounted easily on a wide range of rifle cases.

Other things that would be easy to compare could be the price, durability, and ease of use. You can compare that easily when you are sorting out your preferred red dot sight online. Some red dot sights for AR may come around 50 bucks or some may exceed 200-300 USD depending on the accuracy and sensitive features that they have in them.

Top 5 Best Red Dot Sight For ​Ar

Here we have sorted some of the best red dot sights for AR to help you choose easily and quickly with no doubt:

#1. Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED 6.5 MOA Red Dot Sight

Trijicon RMR is an adjustable, 6.5 MOA led red dot sight that actually helps you maximize the chances of getting your target in one shot. You may also adjust its brightness to ensure the visibility as you aim at your target. It features the perfect combination of brightness levels and eight different settings.

This is an easy to use red dot accessory that you can easily start using as soon as you put on your AR. The perfect house made of aircraft grade Aluminum that ensures the impact force will be diverted quickly and will ensure long-lasting performance of the sight in the long run.

In addition to that, the multicolor coated lens assures correct targeting color as per you see on the target so that you might not miss out your target at any point. The perfect grasp is provided with the help of customized elevation of the sight. This red dot sight is perfectly suitable for a wide range of guns that are used by civilians as well.

In case if you are willing to invest some good amount of your money than it could be your best choice among all. The sight is available in a wide range of options without a mount, with mount options like low Piccatiny, tall Piccatiny, low weaver, with and without bosses, etc.

  • Easy to use and adjustable
  • 6.5 MOA red dot
  • Works perfectly on a wide range of handguns and other gadgets
  • Customized brightness
  • Too pricey for the customers though worth it

#2. Sightmark SM26008 Red Dot Sights

Sightmark takes pride in providing excellent red dot sight for AR if the AR has the Piccatiny or weaver rail system installed on it. This one assures high-quality design and an accurate aiming process that would lead you to get the best performance as a whole.

It comes with aluminum alloy housing forming a protective cover or shield for safety purposes. It gives out red as well as green reticle to help you choose the one you prefer. The digital control helps you adjust all the features more easily and quickly.

It is also weatherproof and also has no parallax issues as they are already taken care off. This one comes with both red and green reticle so you have no issues while using any of them as per your preference. The low energy consumption keeps it going on a camera battery for around 2000 hours of continuous usage and you will have unmatched brightness without any problems.

It also features one hour shut off feature so that you can save power. The digital control makes it easier to adjust and control for the user and you can adjust the brightness according to light conditions for better results. It is easier to install and remove so that you can keep it handy while on a hunt with its quick detach weaver mounting capability.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Easier to install and detach
  • Comes with necessary tools
  • Multiple reticles for customized performance
  • Digitally controlled
  • Low power consumption for longer battery life
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Would not adjust if AR lacks Picatinny or weaver rail system

#3. Bushnell Trophy Red Dot TRS-25 Sight Riflescope

Bushnell trophy has never proved to be a disappointment for its users as it comes with the red dot reticle to help you target in a wide range of conditions. It offers easier and quicker targeting and acquisition of the target spot without losing control. This could be one of the best red dot sights for the money as it offers all the reasonable features you need within a reasonable price tag.

The mounting length ranges from 1.1 inches max. In this red dot sight, the 3MOA red dot reticle helps in targeting quickly with lesser effort. The red light source is secured in nitrogen filled housing for easier and safer use.

It is waterproof, shockproof and is designed to make sure that the user will be able to target accurately. The sight can be used with both eyes as it offers amazing eye relief and you can get a perfect shot with complete awareness of the environment. This is one of the best red dot sights under 100 that would be giving you perfect results for acquiring the target easily.


  • Durable construction
  • 3 MOA reticle
  • Allow using both eyes easily
  • Easy target acquisition


  • The red dot gets blurred if it is set at a higher intensity level

#4. Burris Fastfire III 300234 3 MOA Sight Picatinny Mount

Burris fast fire comes with 3 MOA sight and Picatinny mount so that you can install it quickly and easily with no extra effort involved. The sight features imported design and components that comply with international quality standards. For safety and performance purposes it is made up of high-quality materials and components.

In addition to the high-quality components and features, it offers convenient windage and adjustment as per your needs without any need of having specialized tools. You can adjust the brightness of the light using the three different levels or you may also make use of the automatic brightness setup. The sight comes with a low battery indicator so that you may replace it in time.


  • Accurate and easier to use
  • Convenient 3 level brightness setting
  • Perfect for a wide range of handguns and rifles
  • Battery indicator for better performance


  • You may have to remove the Picatinny rail for other kinds of mounting options

#5. Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Vortex offers a perfect combination of high-quality red dot sight for handguns, rifles, and shotguns with a lifetime warranty for its users. It comes with a Picatinny mount and still weighs reasonable for easier use and handling. The auto mode brightness setting and present 10 levels of brightness setting offer a convenient setup to make sure you can acquire your target quickly and accurately.

The red dot sight offers unmatched eye relief so that you can get the best results. The red dot sight is 3 MOA and the adjustment is graduated for up to 1 MOA for more customized performance.

At the highest setting the battery can perform 150 hours and at the lower brightness setting it may work for up to 30,000hours.

The maximum elevation range is 130 MOA and windage adjustment range is 100 MOA. The sight comes with screws, battery, screwdriver, rain cover and Picatinny mount


  • Rapid and accurate target acquisition
  • Durable housing for long-lasting performance
  • High-quality lens
  • Lightweight and easier to use
  • Red dot brightness setting for up to 10 levels


  • Choosing the right brightness could be tricky, auto mode is better
What is the Best Red Dot Sight For Ar

Learn more in the following video:

So, concluding out discussion regarding the best red dot sight for AR we can say that you have to look up for the quick mounting capability, red-dot brightness adjustment, lower power consumption, and accurate targeting features if you need better performance results otherwise you might lose your target.

Here we have listed some of the best options that are good for your rifle, shotguns, and handguns and your AR for better performance so that you get the most out of your hunting skills by choosing which the best is.

The Best Red Dot Sight For Ar in 2019
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